November 24, 1999
And They're Off!

Cycle 2, Day 15
Temp: 97.5
Cervical Mucus: Creamy
Cervix: Midway, closed, soft-ish

Just a quick update, and I'm out the door. We're on our way to West Virginia! And with a cage of two very confused, rather pissed guinea pigs in the back seat, this should be quite the adventure.

I expect to ovulate this weekend. And in my grandmother's spare room... Oh, wouldn't it be a hoot to conceive there? We'll do what we must, I suppose. We tried to "baby dance" last night, but Eric just couldn't get into the mood. I told him, "For a few days a month now, it can't matter whether you're 'in the mood.' If you want a baby, you'll just have to get there!" Didn't work.

Well, have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Oh, and don't let me forget to pick up some pepperoni rolls while I'm in the Mountain State. These heathens around here have never even heard of one, so I have to bring some back to the library - not to mention for Boss-Lady, who grew up there! Yay!

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