December 20, 1999
Busy Bee

Cycle 3, Day 7
Temp: 97.5
Cervical Mucus: Sticky
Cervix: Low, closed, firm

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Okay, somehow somebody here got it in their heads that I'm an artist. I mean, a visual artist. And I'm not; I'm the farthest thing from it. You couldn't convince anyone here of that, though.

It all started with the Children's Room holiday bulletin board. When I came, it was all set up for fall, and they wanted to change it to winter. (Couldn't have Christmas, now, could we? How on earth me elementary school teachers escaped prosecution, I'll never know.) Anyway, the part-time kid's librarian and I were assigned the duty of creating the new board. I must say, I was rather proud of my efforts. It'll never make the Louvre, but it was a good job by my own (rather low) standards. I cut out some cardinals freehand and gave them a banner to hold; I made a little sleigh. Mind you, I haven't done this sort of thing since middle school, so I was a little rusty, but proud nonetheless.

Then the ball started rolling. Next thing I knew, I was assigned to make posters for an upcoming preschool fair. The moment I finished cutting out the letters, I had a new assignment: design the invitations for the retirement bash for Tech Woman. Hey! I never claimed to be good at this!

I just know people are going to start snickering at any moment. Look at her, how can she think this is any good? Well, I don't. Stop laughing!

Busier and busier. This morning I woke up and realized that I'd forgotten to make something for the library potluck today. Eek!

Spring out of the bed, jump to the kitchen. Mix, mix; bake, bake. I whipped up a couple of batched of my savory muffins and still made it to work on time. Yay, me! But I probably should have made a sign or something for them, because I think people are confused. They look like they could be dessert muffins; it's only after you bit in that you realize that what looks like possibly cinnamon is actually dill and oregano. They're delicious, but sneaky.

I love potlucks. No peanut butter sandwich for me today! Woo-hoo! Where else but a potluck can you find fondue next to chicken wings, next to sugar cookies?

The car saga has finally come to an end. Eric had to jockey a bit and speak with the manager, but after more than a week without his car, they've given it back, good as new, and we only had to pay for parts. Interestingly enough, it still squeaks on right-hand turns, so the whole situation was pretty much for nothing, although Eric says it drives better now. I'm just glad that my poor little Geo doesn't have to make the trip to West Virginia for Christmas!

Oops, have to run. I have to make some table stands for the preschool fair! Sigh... I am not an artist! Why won't anyone believe me?

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