January 4, 2000
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Cycle 3, Day 21, 8 dpo
Temp: 98.5
Cervical Mucus: Sticky
Cervix: Mid-way, closed, firm

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Will somebody please stop me from finding other forums in which to obsess about this pregnancy thing? I've been going over to the Labor of Love bulletin boards, where there's a whole bunch of wonderful women eager to send me walking down that plank again. Not that I'm not capable of getting there on my own...

Some things I've heard since I've been posting there:

  • When you're pregnant, your cervix, and possibly your vaginal area, turns purple.
  • You might also get cotton-mouth, or a metallic-tasting sensation.
  • Some people break out, or else their faces develop a "pregnancy mask" of darker skin.
  • Men have more sperm in the winter months.
  • Not flossing can raise the risk of miscarriage.
And so on and so forth. Picture the look on Eric's face, if you will, when I asked him to see if I was turning purple in my nether regions.

My temps are up, my temps are up! Plus my cervix, if you've been following, is at mid-height rather than low like it usually is. Oh, oh, oh...

Last night was crazy night in the library. A family with three little girls and a boy came in; the older two daughters were twins, and at first I thought they were speaking the most advanced form of "twinspeak" I'd ever heard. Then I realized they were actually speaking another language, possibly Dutch. Their names were (and forgive me my butchering of their ethnic monikers) Edda and Sedda, and they loved bird books; no, Arthur books. No, fairy tales! Like little whirlwinds, they managed to strip the shelves of most of their books and scatter them across all the tables in the room. The poor volunteer page, whose job it was to put away the books, looked so forlorn when he came over and saw the destruction.

Yesterday also saw the influx of a crew of seven-year-olds, whose teacher had assigned them their very first report project! Oh, they were excited beyond words to have such an "adult" thing to do. Most of them had countries to write about, though some cam in later with Greek gods for topics. Everybody went away happy and satisfied, except for the poor little girl who couldn't find any Canadian recipes, and one poor little boy who couldn't find anything about the Greek god "Aidos."

If you know anything about this god, let me know. I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything other than the fact that he apparently is the "God of Reverence and Shame." I was really into mythology as a kid, and I've never even heard of this one.

I think we may go to the zoo tonight. We have two free passes, and we never managed to get there for the "Lights Before Christmas" display. Well, the lights will be up until the ninth, so we can still go see them. I can't wait.

Eric had never been to a zoo before we moved up here. When I found out, I couldn't let that go; it's unheard of! Perhaps because I lived so conveniently close to both the Baltimore Zoo and the D.C. Zoo growing up, I just couldn't handle having a husband who'd never seen a real live elephant before. We swiftly trotted off to the Toledo Zoo, where Eric fell head over heels in love with the hippos. He liked seeing how lazy they looked, how they would just lie in a heap in the water, nostrils just breaking the surface, and then yawn in utter contentment.

"Now, that's how I want to live," says my husband.

He also loved the koalas, perhaps because they sleep something like eighteen hours a day. Is this telling you anything about my husband's goals in life? Sometimes I think that if he could run his life from his bed, he'd be more than happy to do just that.

And, you know, perhaps it wouldn't be so bat at least, for the first day or so. After that - ooh, I get the creepy crawlies just thinking about it. Must get up! Must get dressed! Must do something!

Ugh, I have to go shiver uncontrollably now. Then go to the doctor; can't forget about that. If I'm dying of some dread back-eating disease, I'll post an update when I get back.

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