January 18, 2000
Lunch with the Ladies

Cycle 4, Day 9
Temp: 97.2
Cervical Mucus: Sticky
Cervix: Low, closed, firm

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I think Eric and I are going to take this cycle easy. We're certainly not going to stop trying to conceive; we'll just do our best not to obsess. If it happens, it'll happen without the benefit of us having dwelt upon it every hour of the day until we know one way or the other. I'm still going to drink my tea, because it tastes so wonderful and because it's healthy.

Our new Tech Lady brought in her six-month old daughter yesterday. The child, in her mother's arms, took one look and began thrusting herself toward me; I almost melted away right then and there. I held her for a few minutes before they had to leave, and it really reassured me that the time is right. I want to be a mommy now.

I went out for lunch today with two of the reference librarians. They'd been trying to get me to go with them from almost the first day I set foot in the library, so it was a heavily anticipated event. We went for Chinese, right down the street.

You know the stereotypical vision of a librarian that everybody has in their heads? These women seem the very image of that stereotype, at first glance: middle-aged, glasses on chains, pastel cardigans over blouses and long skirts. They're both fairly chirpy women, clucking in happiness that I was finally able to go out with them. Lunch was served over a conversation peppered with discussion of genealogy research and book databases. I did enjoy myself, even if I did feel a bit outside of the loop.

At one point, I found myself being drawn back into the topic of male librarians. The two women were looking forward to working with our new guy, greatly as opposed to the other male librarian. They both viewed the latter as rather emotionless. When I pointed out that I'd never known a "normal" male librarian, they both stopped to think and...gee, they'd never worked with one, either! This is becoming rather scary.

If you're a male librarian, or if you know of one, please, let me know. I'd hate to think what might be happening to all of the nice, normal guys who want to work with books.

Eric's car is once again in the hands of SchleppBoys. Turns out they messed something up when they were fixing the fuel injector that was the original problem; now Eric has a gas leak. We were smelling gas for a while before Eric took it in, but when he did, they couldn't find a leak. Eric went in, turned the car on, and opened the hood to show them the droplets of gasoline practically spurting up from the line. The guy he showed was appalled that the other mechanics had missed it.

Thankfully, they're not charging us anything for this repair; there's just no way that they could get away with claiming that they didn't create the problem. We are never, ever using this shop again, though. Regardless of how willing they were to work with us, the time it's taken to fix the problems, coupled with the trouble they seem to have in discerning the problems in the first place, has left me with a foul taste in my mouth.

We had storytime again today. This time the video was narrated by an American woman with a heavy vibraphone soundtrack, and nobody got scared. One little boy, in fact, was simply thrilled to be watching a movie, and demanded to "Watch it again!" when it was over.

"Can we watch another one, then?"
"Next week, we'll see another one."
"Can we see all the movies next week?"
"We'll see one movie a week. When we're done with this tape, you can check it out."
"Then can I watch all the movies?"
"Yep. All of them."
"Can I come to watch them at your house?"


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