March 2, 2000

Cycle 5, Day 20
Temp: 97.3
Cervical Mucus: Egg white
Cervix: High, open, soft

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Still fertile. Not much more to say, except that I think I've discovered an unexpected side effect of massive doses of Vitamin C. I've got more eggwhite cervical fluid than ever before. I've heard that other people have had similar results.

I had a meeting this morning with the Big Boss Lady, hereafter referred to as Boss-zilla. She summoned me and Tech Lady to her office to discuss the web page.

Let me preface this recount by first establishing that I do not use, and have no desire to use, any WYSIWYG editors. I code all my HTML by hand, and I like it that way. I don't believe I would work much faster with an editor, and I certainly believe that handwritten code is cleaner. I'm not trying to slam anyone who uses an editor; it all comes down to personal preference in the end.

Boss-zilla wants me to switch to FrontPage.

Rather, she wants the website to be done in FrontPage, and the bulk of the work to be done by various and sundry librarians, who would then email me their pages, which I would edit and upload. She went out last night and purchased FrontPage, and held it high in her hand as she told us of these plans.

Okay. Want to know why this isn't going to work, and why it's just going to be more work on my back? Because nobody here knows anything about technology. They're afraid of their email clients. They can work the electronic catalog, but if it crashes, they're sunk. When the current Tech Lady came on staff, she gave an Introduction to Windows class that was wildly popular; some people didn't even know how to use the "Start" menu.

I currently have in my possession all of the sheets, notes, and jottings that people have handed me for the library webpages. They're not going to do the initial work; they've already passed that buck to me. What's going to happen is this: I'll knock up some pages. Most of the librarians will see some possible changes, but will be too afraid to make any of them themselves, so they'll either keep their mouths shut or come to me on the side, whispering what they'd like to see. Other librarians will be braver, and will try to adjust the content themselves with FrontPage. Some might succeed; others will do horrible damage to the existing framework, then forward it to me for "editing"/rewriting.

Time will not be saved. The only pages which will need frequent updating will be the community calendar, the storytime schedule, and the outreach events. I'll be doing the kids' stuff as a matter of duty, the calendar will just be a list to revise, and the outreach events will be a royal pain. For the most part, though, what is written in the next week will stand for some time, and now I have to do it even faster, ostensibly to give the librarians time to change things around. Since not a lot of that's going to happen, it's just rushing me for no real reason at all. Grrrr...

But I've cheered myself up by admiring my bulletin board.

Two people showed up for chess last night! Well, they were a father and son, but still! Eric and I didn't have to play each other, for a change. Of course, I would have been happier if three people had shown up, so that I wouldn't have had to play at all, let alone be humiliated by a seventh grader. The kid took my queen in five moves! Eric beat them both, so I felt a little better.

Maybe we can get more people to show up next week. This could go a long way towards helping Eric out of his current, rather antisocial shell. His new job has him feeling a little more friendly - the people are more on his wavelength - but every little bit helps.

Gotta run; the teenagers are starting to flock in. Yesterday I made a few new friends when I was running around taking pictures for the website; a bunch of them started asking me to take their pictures, and I happily obliged. They'll be excited to see themselves on the internet.

Made a few more friends when a new Pokemon trivia book came up from cataloguing. I couldn't see just sticking it on the shelf, so I grabbed a handful of Hershey's Kisses and walked out to a table of kids. "What Pokemon gives its strongest attack when suffering from a severe headache?" I read.

"Psyduck?" I threw her a candy, and the game was on. We played for about fifteen minutes until I ran out of chocolate. I wonder if they'll come back for more today? I should see if the book is still in.

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