January 25, 2001
Tired and Uncollected

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I'm actually holding my head up with that hand...
One year ago (or thereabouts): I was a redhead while my personality was developing, and I'd be a fool not to acknowledge that.

Exhaustion is returning, though I can usually defend against it until around 6 o'clock. My evening usefulness has hit an all-time low, and with impeccably foul timing. Until late last night, Eric and I were under the impression that we would be having company for the weekend and were in the midst of preparation - read, top-to-bottom housecleaning. Not great for a sleepy, pregnant woman and her slightly flu-ridden husband (at least, we think that's what was wrong with him).

At least I now have a clean bathroom for as long as we can maintain it as such.

Anyway, the houseguest will be here next weekend instead, which gives us a little more time to get things into order. If I'm lucky, I may just be able to get Eric to clear out the office completely by then, so I'll be able to make a good head start on the baby's room. The newest plan is to put our kitchen table into the garage and move the three main computers into the vacated space. It won't be attractive, but it will allow me to have that whole room for the baby instead of only half. Keep in mind, of course, that we're still looking at other houses; this is our last-ditch solution for the possibility that we can't move before the baby arrives.

Add all our cleaning efforts (mixed with the fact that my hormones had me crying, for example, when I couldn't get a little stain out of the toilet bowl) to the fact that I still can't sleep well at night (maybe I need a bigger pillow to put between my legs; maybe I need one of these), and you have a particularly grumpy mama. I have tomorrow off, and I had been planning to do a last-minute clutter sweep, but now I think I'll use at least part of the day to refresh myself. Eric might take the day off as well; he suggested that we could make it a "stay-in-bed" day. I'm certainly not opposed to that.

Knowing the Bit intimately as I do, though, I have a feeling that I'll probably get nervous legs early in the morning and be unable to sleep in for even an hour.


My general tiredness is making me feel scattered today. I can't really concentrate enough to develop a single theme, but here's what's currently buzzing through my head:

My new niece

  • I'm an aunt! Eric's brother and sister-in-law became parents to a little girl a few days ago, and all are doing well. Naturally, Rita was tickled pink, but the few minor complications that arose for Linda - an episiotomy, for example - filled her with more questions and anxieties for us.
       "What are y'all going to do if Carrie needs one?"
    There's just no calming her.
  • I got my birth ball in the mail yesterday. It's a big, multicolored rubber ball that I'll be sitting on prior to and during labor to help prepare my pelvis to stretch and let the Bit exit at the proper time. Very comfortable, it is. I'm planning to use it as a chair whenever possible.
  • For whatever reason, these teenagers in the library this afternoon are irritating me with their constant chattering and giggling. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I'm feeling prickly today.
  • My neck and shoulders are absolutely killing me.
  • I wonder for whom I should be cheering in the Superbowl? Eric and I usually watch just for the commercials, but I always feel that I should have at least a little loyalty to one team or the other. I'm from Maryland, so maybe I should support the Ravens. On the other hand, I'm now in Ohio, and people around here seem quite bitter about the whole "team theft" incident; my coworkers all growled threateningly when I mentioned the Ravens in passing. I can't decide.
  • How could a town as large as Toledo not have one single diaper service? Ugh!
  • I need to call those Bradley coaches in Ann Arbor to see if any of them have any class openings on the weekends. If the mountain will not come to Mohammed...
  • My belly button feels strange.

And so it goes. No wonder it took me all morning to put up a page on the library's website with ten pictures and two lines of text.


A teenage boy just came in, and was pretty upset that he couldn't use the computers; his parent hadn't signed our release form, so I couldn't let him online. Since he just needed to do some typing, I suggested he use the typewriter instead.

First: "Does this thing already have paper in it?"

Second: "Can I make the letters bigger?"

Third: "How do I restart?"

C'mon! Typewriters aren't that ancient a technology, are they? Surely kids must have some exposure to them, if only in cartoons. At least he's learning now, I suppose.

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