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September 25, 2002
Surprising Peace

6:45 AM
Eric wakes up. I'm already dimly awake, though I haven't opened my eyes; the sound of his mask being turned off cues me as to the time. Sam is awake and nursing, until he notices Eric's movements. Time to play, he thinks. When Eric gets up and leaves the room, Sam begins to cry. I debate offering to comfort him, but he quickly drops down onto his stomach and is quiet. I nod off.

7:15 AM
Eric is kissing me goodbye. I open my eyes and see Sam bouncing around on the floor, happy as a lark, until Eric moves to leave again. Renewed tears mean that Eric has to return for one more hug for Sam.

I turn on The Today Show. Sam plays on the floor while I knit in bed - a baby hat.

8:30 AM
I am dressed, Sam is dressed. Time for breakfast:
Me: a glass of Crystal Light and a handful of pretzels
Sam: Nursies, both sides
I check my email quickly while Sam plays on the floor behind me.

9:15 AM
We head off for the nursing home on foot. Sam stops to pick up a stick. When he sees another stick, he drops the first one and grabs it. This goes on for the entire walk. We are periodically distracted by the sound of barking dogs and passing cars, but it's a pleasant walk anyway.

10:00 AM
We visit our first resident, Thelma. She likes to knit, so I've brought along some of my work to show her. She stays in her bed all day, by her own choice, but she's very alert and happy to see us. Her bathroom door is covered in magnetic letters for her grandchildren, and Sam happily plays with those while we chat.

10:30 AM
Agnes is our second resident to receive a call. She's sitting in her wheelchair, as usual, eating breakfast. Her room is positively broiling; she likes to keep the heat on high, regardless of the weather.

Sam's exuberance often makes Agnes a little nervous. He is relatively calm this time, so our visit is pleasantly smooth. Agnes is tickled to watch Sam play with her collection of stuffed animals - her "babies."

11:00 AM
On our way out, we stop by Sophie's room. Sophia has a little dementia, but the only problem caused by that is that she keeps forgetting Sam's name, how old he is, and whether I have any other children. Sam always sends Sophie into transports, exclaiming over his "beauty." Sam obliges her by playing with her stuffed animals and trying to kidnap her Jesus and Mary statuettes.

11:45 AM
We arrive home. I make lunch and set up the card table for us to eat bowls of alphabet vegetable soup. Well, I eat; Sam stirs and splatters his. When he happens to fish out a few pieces of carrot and put them in his mouth, they come back out a few seconds later.

12:10 PM
I take Sam upstairs. After a few protests, Sam goes down for his nap.

I come back downstairs and clean up our lunch. I take some ground beef out of the freezer to thaw for dinner, then sit down to knit. The stereo plays violin sonatas while I work, and the house is pretty peaceful.

3:00 PM
I hear stirring upstairs and a thump. I go to the foot of the stairs, and I see Sam's face peeking down at me. He climbs down for a hug.

(This is a new thing for him. Mr. Independent likes to be upstairs all by himself, and now that I feel confident that he can climb up and down stairs without difficulty, I'm allowing him the freedom to do so. I still use the gate occasionally, and I keep the bathroom door shut, but for the most part, he has the run of the house.)

For a snack, Sam has a piece of cheese and some crackers, and I pack up my knitting stuff to head out to the yarn store for some help from the owner.

3:30 PM
At the yarn store, the man teaches me the trick of Swedish twining in two-color knitting. While we work, Sam occupies himself with quietly pushing boxes of stitch holders and needle caps through the store's mail slot. I catch him in the act and undo his labors, to his dismay.

4:15 PM
We get home. Sam nurses, and we play on the floor for a bit.

5:00 PM
I start dinner: meatloaf, stuffing, green beans, and some Oat-Wheat bread that I made yesterday.

5:30 PM
Eric calls and tells me he's running late. Figures; the meatloaf will be done in about fifteen minutes.

6:20 PM
Eric comes through the door. Sam runs to greet him, and I finish setting up the card table for our meal. The meatloaf is still warm, thankfully, and I'm not too grumpy about the delay. Eric plays with Sam while I set the table with dinner.

Sam, predictably, refuses to eat a bite of anything. He does stir and mix his food with great enjoyment.

7:00 PM
Eric and I start to clean up dinner. Sam is underfoot, rolling balls and trying to sweep with his toy broom. It turns into a game; Eric kicks the ball with his foot, sending Sam into gales of laughter, and the two of them gleefully kick the ball back and forth while I finish the cleaning.

7:30 PM
Bathtime for baby. I plop him into the water, to which he initially reacts negatively, but eventually he settles in to play with some cups and ducks. He splashes crazily, sending waves of water over the edge of the tub, soaking my pants. After he is cleaned, I sit on the floor and watch him play; he insists on staying in the water until his lips are blue and he can't stop shivering. I finally get him out of the tub, rub him with baby oil, and pop him into his PJs.

8:00 PM
In bed, I read to him from Sam Sheep Can't Sleep. He nurses, and he's asleep quickly.

8:30 PM
I knit some more while Eric and I watch TV. It's a quiet night, and peaceful - just the kind of nights I love.

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