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Seven Minutes in my Head

...and Sam is sitting on the sofa next to Eric. He's flipping through Eric's computer book like a big, grown-up boy. Eric is heckling me: "Are you ready for that? You know he's going to say it." He's talking about the kids on television who just told their mom to go away, that they didn't want her. The answer? No, of course, I'm not ready for that. Could I ever be?

"Are you going to learn some programming?" Eric's talking to Sam now.

- my lip hurts. It's chapped, and I'm chewing on it, and did I put on lipstick today? I think I did; I think I put on the too-rbight shade of red that I don't know why I bought in the first place. I really should go to one of those drugstores that lets you return makeup if you don't like it. My drawer is full of colors that I hate. I'm too timid to confess to the cashier, though: "I don't know how to buy makeup; please let me have a second chance!"

Alysia and her family are coming over for dinner tomorrow. I need to shop for ingredients - ricotta, noodles, tomato sauce, ground beef. Can you buy marscapone cheese at Ginat Eagle? I've never seen it there. I need spinach, too, because I think there's some unwritten rule that you have to have a salad with lasagne, and I hate garden salads. Spinach salad, with dried cranberries, and...what? Maybe some nuts. Yeah, walnuts.

- I miss peanuts. Honey-roasted. I miss being able to cook with them, or with peanut butter. I hate feeling restricted. Alysia doesn't like onions, mushrooms, or green peppers, and suddenly upon hearing that, I became focused only upon recipes that involve all three. Restrictions make me crazy.

Can't wait for their visit. Sam is going to love having Zach over to play. Gotta clean his room, though. His toys are everywhere. Thank God I washed diapers today; I can just imagine one of them upsetting the diaper pail in a fit of hysterical joy. Running, around, running, running, running...

Time's up.

January's WordGoddess collaboration: "Seven minutes."

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