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For this month's Wordgoddess collaboration, I've been interviewed! The lovely Alicia has provided my questions. These were fun!

  1. Was there any instrument you wish you had learned to play?

    I want to play them all. In college, I tried to take a different instrument each semester in the hopes of becoming at least semi-proficient on as many as possible, but it ended up being pretty much a waste of time; the only lessons that really did any good were the trumpet ones. I used them to play trumpet in the university's concert band (read: "indoor sit-down marching band"). Interestingly, I wasn't even the last chair after auditions, but the two "real trumpet players" that I beat saved face by dropping out of the band.

    The next year, I played horn in the concert band, and the first day of practice was the first day I touched a horn. Now, that was a fun semester.

    To answer the question, though, right now I wish I had a little more percussion. I think it would come in handy with the ethno class; I can show them the rhythms, but I can't "talk drum" as well as I wish I could.

  2. If there was one intangible gift you could give Sam, what would it be? Wisdom? Intelligence? Striking good looks? (Not that he won't have the last one anyway.. he's darn cute now!)

    I can't decide between patience and peace. I think patience would lead to peace, actually, or that it would at least help. Patience is something for which I pray for myself on a daily basis, and I know how hard it is to live without much of it. Peace would be nice to give to him; he comes from a long line of chemical depression on Eric's side, and I pray that he can find the inner happiness that is so elusive for his family.

    On the other hand, maybe I should just wish good health for him. Man, if he could avoid chemical depression, obesity, Eric's diabetes, everybody's cancer...what a lucky kid!

  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

    Easy question: Morgantown, West Virginia. It's about two hours from either set of parents, it's in a gorgeous geographical area, and it's full of wonderful people and a great school. I miss that town so much sometimes that it hurts.

  4. Is there any special significance to Samuel's name? (IE: named after anyone)

    The "Samuel" part is a reference to the Biblical prophet. His mother, Hannah, was infertile, and when she prayed, God gave her a son. It seemed appropriate, after all we did to conceive Sam.

    (That's what Eric would tell you, anyway. He's developed amnesia about the night we actually picked the name, and, in frustration with his refusal to choose any boys' names at all, I began going through characters in TV shows he liked. "Sam" was for Sam Seaborn on The West Wing.)

    "Gregory" is a reference to the patron saint of music. It also fit my own necessary criteria of having a contrasting number of syllables against "Samuel." BAH-da BAH-da-da. The rhythm is key; don't ask why.

  5. How *do* you do it (and usually make it look so easy)?

    Inertia. Some days, I feel as though I'm on an out-of-control bicycle, racing down a steep, rocky hill with no practical way of stopping. I have nothing left to do but hang on tight and try to steer around the worst of it. Besides, I have to get to the bottom one way or another.

  6. If you were to have any more children, would you have them in the same manner you had Sam? (At home birth, in the pool) Anything you would change about the experience?

    Well, this time I'd try the Master Gland herbal supplement earlier on into the prelabor experience, in the hopes of getting the show on the road a little sooner. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing! The water was wonderful, I loved being in my own environment, and I have nothing but pleasant memories of the whole experience. Why mess with success?

  7. TLC decides to do a home makeover for you.. what changes would you allow them to make? New furniture? New paint? The sky's the limit.

    See, now here's where you're going to make me cry! Okay, for the purposes of this interview, I'm going to assume that I'm not moving to Wisconsin inside of a year. I'd want them to finish the basement so that Sam could have a nice playroom that I could eventually use for school stuff if I decide to homeschool him. Not that I need a dedicated school room, but I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at one! A finished basement could also serve as a good rec room, too.

  8. Tell one favorite memory.. Childhood? Sam? College?

    Just one? Okay. When I was in grad school, I felt as though I was in a completely different world than when I was an undergraduate. At West Virginia, the pace was slow but dedicated; we might have worked on only one or two compositions a semester, but they were the best darn pieces they could possibly be. At Bowling Green, there was a much more powerful drive to compose as many works as humanly possibly. It was stressful, but I coped.

    When I was working on my thesis, my advisor began to get antsy that I wasn't doing enough other pieces on the side. There was an in-college composition contest coming up in about three weeks, and she suggested that I whip up something for it. I didn't think it was at all possible, but she pressured, so I gave in. In three weeks, I submitted a serial work for clarinet, cello, piano, and percussion. A sound recording was required, so I had to turn in a MIDI realization. All of the other students had been working on their pieces for months and had live performances on tape.

    I won, though. Go, me! Got to have my piece performed on the New Music Festival, too.

  9. Tell me a bedtime story. (And make it good, I'm tired)

    Okay, how about the one Sam and I shared last night?

    "Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Sam - "
         "Fire shoes!"
    " - who had a pair of firetruck shoes. Sam lived in a house with his mommy and daddy - "
         "House! Daddy!"
    " - and he had lots of toys and friends - "
         "Friend Zach! Zach car. Purple bus!"
    "Yes, Zach has lots of cars."
         "Purple bus, purple bus."
    "Did you see a purple bus with Zach?"
         "BrumbrumbrumbrumbrumbrumBRUM! No! Quiet! Eee end!"
    "Um, all right. 'The end.'"

  10. Do you have any specialties in the kitchen area? Feel like sharing the recipe?

    I make a mean chili. I also make a wonderful Baked Pumpkin:

    Baked Pumpkin

         2 c. pumpkin
         1/2 c. flour
         1 c. sugar
         1/4 tsp. salt
         2 eggs
         1 tsp. vanilla
              1/3 c. sugar
              2 tsp. cinnamon
              1/2 (4 oz.) stick butter, melted

    Mix together all ingredients; put into greased 8"x8" baking dish. Drizzle on topping. Bake 45 min. at 425 degrees.

  11. What's one childhood dream you've had that you can see yourself fulfilling (or that you've already fulfilled)?

    Well, to be a mom, for one. I also wanted to be a teacher, and I'm doing that. I used to dream about writing books, too, and I think I might actually just do that one of these days.

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