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Now Gail the realtor is on board with the optimism; she thinks they might write us an offer. They asked today about utility bills, as apparently they're first-time home-buyers and are nervous about everything. I can understand that. I wish we could tell them more, but we haven't owned this house during cold months, so I have no idea what the bills will run.

Anyway, we're staying tuned. I hated this upcoming part the first time around, on the other side of the table. I can't imagine I'll enjoy it more this way.

To combat the nervousness, and because I had a crapload of things to do, we stayed out of the house running errands almost the entire day. Office supply store, post office, pharmacy, bank, Hallmark store, yarn store, big ol' superstore. Throughout it all, Sam was being purely Two, trying to run away and hide, or else trying to wheedle free candy out of unsuspecting civil servants and bank tellers. My head spun from trying to keep up with him.

Or maybe it was spinning because I ended up spending enough money to make myself nauseated. I hate days when that happens. I got myself a couple of items to wear at the resort - nothing fancy, just two tops and a pair of pants. I got an ornament for an online ornament exchange. I got some envelopes to mail photos. I got two ties and a belt for Sam's suit, and since we're supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow, I got some snow gear for Sam. (Last year, I was able to do that used. Turns out that it's much easier to find used snow-wear in infant sizes than in toddler.) I also needed to pick up a few grocery items. In the end, I felt just sick.

Eric heard of a guy online who made last year's New Year's resolution to buy nothing in the coming year outside of food and essentials. He did pretty well. I think that's the sort of trick that can only be done by single people without kids. Adults don't burn through clothing the way a growing child can. And then there's the fact that, try as I might, I just can't help wanting to give Sam fun things. I can limit myself to small items, or second-hand, or purely educational, but I have a shopping weakness for him that I never had for myself.

Anyway, Sam must have been pooped, since he actually asked to go to bed at seven o'clock (normal bedtime for him is between eight and nine). He went to sleep without much fuss at all, which was nice. I hope he stays down and isn't too restless; he didn't eat much dinner tonight.

Sorry; I'm feeling a bit dull tonight. There are not a huge lot of things happening, with the exception of this huge weight hanging over our heads. I honestly feel more like curling up into a little ball and sleeping until there's some sort of resolution.

Maybe we'll go out and play in whatever snow there is tomorrow. Sam was entranced by the snow that fell while we were in West Virginia; he's much more likely to be a happy Snow Baby than he was last year.

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