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It's quiet here tonight. Sam went to bed without fuss, and Eric is at his company Christmas party (I decided that Sam was too sick to be left at home, so I skipped the event). I should be doing Christmas cards or finishing some knitting, but I really just want to go to bed. That seems to be the theme of my life lately, doesn't it? Lying down with Sam as he falls asleep these days makes me want to snuggle under the blankets, too; he looks so warm and content that I positively writhe with jealousy as I necessarily climb out of the bed.

But I have grownup things to do, and I can't just go to bed at eight o'clock every night. Bah. I didn't appreciate that luxury when I was a child, and I'll never get it back.

I've been thinking about another reader question. Liz wrote:

I would be interested in seeing a Christmas list of things you would like just for you. Maybe even with things you know you could not afford, but would love to have.

People keep asking me what I want, and I'm always at a loss. Seriously, when does the ability to choose gifts for yourself just up and vanish? I love shopping for Sam, and I always enjoy buying things for other people. Myself? Spontaneous purchases are one thing, but actually deciding in advance what I need or would like to have is nearly impossible.

But I'll give it a go!

  • Music

         I told Eric this today. He responded, "What scope are you thinking? The Ring? Fidelio?"
         "Maybe something older and more folky," I told him. "Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell. Don't laugh, but the other day I was watching Dharma and Greg, and they used one of her father's old 8-tracks in the script, and whatever song they used was really nice. Maybe something like that.
         It's been a long time since I bought music for myself. I'm a former perennial member of a music club, but I haven't been a member in years now. I listen to the same songs over and over again. I don't even download music anymore, especially since the networks that I can load onto a pre-System 9 Macintosh are severely limited. Perhaps it's time to broaden my horizons once more.

  • Smelly stuff

         I'm down to my last few candles. I especially need to soon replace my Home Sweet Home Yankee Candle; I've had it for a long time, and it's finally burning down to the bottom of the jar. I didn't much care for it when somebody (maybe Eric?) got it for me as a gift, but now it's one of my favorite scents. I've been burning it when we have a home showing, and I think it really helps. I accidentally ran into a buyers' agent on my way out once, and her first comment was "Your house smells so good!"
         I'd also like some nice bubble bath. It's a rare occasion that I actually get to take a bath, so when I do, I like to luxuriate for all it's worth. One of these days, I'd really like to try some Lush products; I got the print catalog a few times, even, but I'm never decisive enough to actually choose something and buy it for myself. I do know that I liked the Philosophy shower gels I got a few years ago; I see now that they have chocolate scents!

  • DVD's

         "Hey, Eric," says I. "Buffy Season Five just came out. Can I run down to the store and pick it up this afternoon?"
         "I really, really, really wouldn't do that if I were you," says he. "Nope."
         "Why? Is it getting here by other means?"
         Pause. "I really, really wouldn't get it if I were you."
         So that's one thing I can cross off my Christmas list, I guess.

  • Bed stuff

         So I have two comforters for our bed; I still want one of those ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable, ultra-expensive down comforters for which you actually need to buy a separate cover. I want to move beyond "Bed in a Bag"; I want a haven.
         I remember when I was a teenager in marching band, and when I would get home from a competition late at night, the bed positively reached up and grabbed me, pulling me down into its warm recesses. I haven't been that comfy in a bed ever since, and I'd love to recreate the effect with high-thread-count sheets, soft-yet-firm good pillows, and a luxurious down comforter. I don't want simply to sleep; I want to Sleep.

  • Good underwear

         Okay, so this is embarrassing. I'm still wearing my maternity underwear. It's not because I can't fit into my old underwear; it's just that it's still in relatively good shape, and I need all the decent indecents I can get at this point. I'd love to replace most of my underwear at some point; I just haven't had the time or the resources until now to make it a priority.
         While I'm at it, my bras could use a good, thorough weeding. I think I only own two that fit; the others are all too small or are coming apart at the seams (nursing bras just aren't designed to last through years of hard use like these have, God rest their cups). I don't just want bras that fit, though; I'd like some bras that actually look good and make me feel sexy. I want to wear bright colors; I want something other than plain white cotton.

  • Something frivolous

         Look at these things. Look at this jewelry! I've been admiring this catalog for years, unable to justify buying anything for myself. For Christmas, then, I'd either like for somebody else to justify it, or to be given the self-confidence to decide that I'm worth a little splurge once in a while.

I think we've decided to add condominiums to our house search in Wisconsin. Eric's been worried about the prices up there, alongside the fact that property taxes are so much more outrageous. He doesn't want to spend forty thousand more for a house there than we spent here, and rightly so. A condo may be just the ticket, especially if it allows us to live in a nicer area and to have at least the quality of living that we have here. This house was a fluke, and we know it; the odds of finding again something this nice for what we paid for it are extremely low. A coworker of Eric's who's in Wisconsin said that they looked at many, many houses before finally deciding to go the condo route. I'm not saying we've made up our minds to go that way, but adding it to our list of possibilities can't hurt.

Plus, after the water garden experience here, I think I'm all grounds-maintenanced-out.

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