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Greenbrier, Day Two

(Written by hand on the road...)

Okay, I'm pretty darn sure that I'm not going to be able to talk about this whole day before I collapse. It's only even o'clock, but I'm buzzing on fully-loaded eggnog and too much good food, and that bed (with its down comforter, no less!) is calling me like a mothership. Consider this, then, a sort of "highlights" version of the day's events.

I didn't sleep well last night, though the bed was comfortable and I was so very tired, because I kept waiting for Sam to wake up and come running to join us. In fact, I repeatedly dreamed that he'd done just that, only to wake and find myself still without child. Surprise! He slept all night long by himself in the dressing room, waking only as I was finally getting out of the shower. That's the first time he's ever done a full-night stint away from us; I'm anxious to see if he'll repeat his performance again tonight.

Breakfast was, indeed, incredible, right down to the hand-squeezed orange juice and the pumpkin muffins. After that, the menfolk went to their skeet-shooting appointment while we went back to the cottage and got the kids ready for swimming. (Side note: though it's not a far distance at all, all of our travel between the two buildings is done by summoning a shuttle bus. Sam is in seventh heaven.) I was the only woman to bring a bathing suit with me, so it fell to me to get in the pool with Sam and Hailey, though I didn't mind one bit. The pool was big and old-fashioned, with stone pillars and a tiled bottom.

Blah, blah, blah; swim, swim, swim. The men showed up in time to join us for a while, and we splashed until Sam was near complete exhaustion. I took him back to the cottage, where he napped while most of the rest of the family went on a horse-drawn carriage ride.

(While he napped, I finished grading my final exams. As another side note, I consider myself lenient, indeed, for not automatically failing the student who completed the test in orange highlighter. Yeesh.)

In the afternoon, Eric and I went for spa treatments. In the end, In finally decided on a mineral body polish, follwed by an Ayurvedic head massage. For the polish, I lay naked on a table and was scrubbed from head to toe with salts and minerals, then was showered with strong sprays of hot water while still lying there. It was pure bliss, and my skin felt incredible when we were done.

The head massage topped that, though. I'm a sucker for anyone who plays with my hair and scalp (ask the lady at the mall kiosk who demonstrated the Head Wizard on me), and for twenty-five minutes, this therapist rubbed, tugged, tapped, and teased until I vaguely resembled a large, pink puddle of highly contented pudding. As I told Eric later, "If she was willing to do that for me every night, I'd have myself a wife."

Eric, on the other hand, went in for the "Greenbrier Signature Treatment." He soaked in a sulphur bath ("Not as smelly as I thought it would be," said he), sat in a steam room, had a "Scotch shower and spray" (picture a multitude of shower heads shooting extremely powerful jets of water all over the body at once), and a massage. He walked out of there as loopy and goofy as I did.

Portraits next, then dinner. (Remind me to mention later about the scrapbook that Linda and Susan presented to Rita.) I had duck this time, and Eric had lamb. Then Rita and Ronnie took both babies back to the cottage, and the rest of us went for drinks in one of the hotel's lounges. I've never had eggnog quite as good as the one they served (as well it should have been for nine dollars a glass); it was strong, but quite smooth. I finished the whole glass before I realized that I could no longer sit as steadily as I might have wished.

We had hoped that the babies would have falled asleep by the time we got back to the cottage ourselves, but, alas, they awaited us with wide eyes and manic behavior. I'm very glad that they enjoy each other so much, but it does tend to make bedtime more challenging.

I and the Sandman finally prevailed, though, and now I leave to reap the rewards of my success: an empty bed, ready for my sprawling limbs. No time or energy to do much reflection tonight; I'll save the extra brain activity for my dreams. G'night!

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