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Well, tomorow morning, we head out of here for Maryland. I'm finishing up most of the rest of our laundry right now, so we'll have suitcases full of clean clothes for the rest of our vacation. Sam is asleep, after being encouraged to stay up late so he'll sleep in the car tomorrow. Thank God, thank God, he finally seems to be himself again. He still has a deep, raspy cough, but he's active and happy, so we won't have to deal with a miserable little boy in the car for hours.

It's hard to look at Rita right now. She's in tears over the fact that we're leaving, wondering if she'll ever get to see us again. She said, "I wish you didn't ever have to go; we'd get you a little trailer and let you live on this lot with us." It's really heartbreaking (while, at the same time, a little frightening, but we'll let that pass).

All the same, I can't wait to see my own mom and dad again. It's satisfying to end the year with them, especially a year that's been as downright crappy as this one has been. Being surrounded by loved ones is the best way to put an end to bad times and greet what will hopefully be better ones. I'll take that over Times Square any year.

Tomorrow's trip will be about five hours long, give or take time allowed for bathroom breaks or emergency child freak-outs. Five hours isn't so bad, I suppose; I just hope weather is good. They're not calling for snow or anything, so I feel optimistic. The car will be groaning under the weight of the first half of Christmas, anyway, so that should take care of any ice issues.

Tonight, after dinner, we dropped in on Bryan and Linda for a bit. Bryan got called out for emergency surgery right as we arrived, so we just chatted with Linda while the kids romped. Hailey received two powered vehicles for Christmas: a little motorcycle and a large Jeep. The motorcycle was inside, and Sam hopped on and drove the thing in loop after loop around their house until it finally lost battery power. It was fun to watch him chase Hailey on it; it didn't move very fast at all, so she could easily evade him.

The problem was that, although he had no problem steering, he tended to be a Sunday driver: very distractible, yet seemingly unable to take his foot off the accelerator while looking around. He nearly decapitated himself by driving under the dining room table, or at least came close to giving himelf a nasty knock on the forehead. He did indeed crash into a potted poinsettia at one point before I could grab him and yank his foot off the pedal. If it had been my house, I would have long since relegated the vehicle to the garage (heck, I probably also would not have had delicate plants sitting on the floor), but Linda brushed it off and said it was fine. I breathed a sigh of relief when the thing finally refused to move another inch.

Sam was irate when we told him it was time to go. He tried to bury himself into their sofa to avoid my arms. He loves playing with Hailey in the extreme; it's hard to tell him that we're leaving and he's not going to see her for a while again. Happily, Eric thinks we may be able to come back for another visit in February. Maybe Sam (and I) will be up for a cousin slumber party by that point.

Well, it's nearly midnight. I need to get myself to bed if we're breaking out of here early in the morning. We've accidentally left Eric's topcoat, among a few other things, over at Bryan's house, so we may need to make arrangements to pick those up in the morning. The car's going to be difficult to pack, too; as I mentioned, we're running very close to, if not over, capacity. I hope we won't need to leave anything behind.

I'll report back once we've reached my parents' house. Hopefully, I'll be in a better mood then; I'll still be a houseguest, it's true, but at least my parents know and have long since accepted my shortcomings. Good night, all!

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