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This will probably be my briefest entry of the whole Holidailies experiment; I'm not even certain I'll get to upload tonight, as my parents' computer doesn't seem to have any working FTP software.

We're finally in Maryland! The trip actually wasn't so bad; Sam slept through the first part of it, after a short period of yelling at the sun for being in his eyes ("Go away, Sun! Stop it!"). We stopped midway for lunch, then arrived late in the afternoon, about an hour before my parents arrived home from work (well, Dad, anyway; Mom works later than he does). Luckily, Cory was here to greet us, which tickled Sam to no end.

Before the parents got home, all of us went up to my bedroom to "explore." That was the correct word to use; there's barely enough room to walk up there, and the path is surrounded by towering piles of old toys, old books, and old clothes. The memories are almost, but not quite, as thick as the cloud of dust that permeates and hangs over everything. Sam was entranced, pulling out old cars and boats of Cory's childhood and demanding to open every box he saw.

For my part, I was finally able to penetrate deep enough into the clutter to rescue a couple of my most beloved dolls. I don't think I'll be taking them home with me just yet, but it was good to know that they're still there and still "okay," if that makes sense. Someday, should I have a little girl, it will be nice to be able to show her my own "babies."

Mom and Dad arrived, and we exchanged presents almost immediately, as they were eager to see his face. At my suggestion, they lined up his gifts in order of least interesting to most; he worked his way through some too-advanced puzzles and quiet, bedtime books before getting to what he considered the "good stuff": cars, tractors, a giant keyboard with an attached microphone for singing, and the remote control car we picked up for them in Toledo. He's in heaven.

Mom and Dad treated us well, too, gifting us with new sheets and pillows (have they been reading my journal? Hmmm...), mittens for all (Sam's came with a copy of The Mitten), books, and more. I got a little die-cutter and various dies, new PJs, and a lovely new teapot; Eric got a giant puzzle book, and they're taking him out shopping for a few new shirts (he's notoriously hard to clothe).

The only trouble: the car was packed to the gills before we got here. I have no idea how we're going to get all this stuff home. As it was, I came within an eyelash's blink of having to ride here with his toy shopping cart on my lap. This should be hysterical.

Now I need to convince Sam that it's time for bed. I anticipate revolt. Battlestations!

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