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A Typical Friday

These pictures were all taken on Friday, March 26, as part of the WordGoddess March collaboration: "A Day in the Life."

I wake up, as usual, before 6:30. My body won't let me sleep anymore; I went to bed in a fit of exhaustion last night at 7:30, and I slept horribly even so. My men are still asleep; leaving them so, hopefully for at least a short while of solitude, I creep to the bathroom. Well, "creep" in the manner that any pregnant woman creeps to the bathroom after an extended period of no potty breaks. I crept with speed.


Bladder emptied, my stomach begins to complain. I always wake up famished when I'm pregnant, just like the last time around. I make myself a bowl of cereal and a glass of OJ, and I sit down at the computer to check email. (Yes, that's PINE you're seeing.)


6:54 AM: Sam comes downstairs for cuddles and kisses.

At ten after seven, I wonder whether Eric should be up for work yet. I still hear his sleep apnea machine going. I send Sam upstairs to check on Daddy, just in case.

In the meantime, I finish up my email, and I head into the kitchen to begin the day's chores. First up, I empty the dishwasher of the dishes from last night's supper. Upstairs, I hear Eric's machine kick off; a few minutes later, Sam's footsteps herald his arrival to "help" me with my task. I let him hand me the silverware.


Eric comes downstairs, ready for work. As per our usual routine, we walk him to the door and give goodbye kisses and hugs. Once he's gone, I get Sam settled so that I can get ready myself. This involves his favorite breakfast (a granola bar and a cup of OJ) and a video. Today it's Spirited Away, which, for some vaguely creepy reason, almost consistently holds his attention from beginning to the very end.


He's now occupied, so I run upstairs and make the bed. Then I hop into the shower for a few quick minutes of hot liquid happiness.


Out of the shower, I flip on public radio, and I quickly dress, dry my hair, and put on makeup. I feel human!


It's only 8:30; there's lots to do! Keep going!

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