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How Much Can I Handle?

It started March 25. I didn't say anything then because, frankly, I was pretty sure that I was just imagining things. After all, it really didn't make much sense. Eric had gone out for the night with some friends, and I had gone to bed early with Sam. He was asleep, and I was lying with my hands on my belly, talking to Beta. (Well, who doesn't? I talked a lot to Sam while he was in utero.)

Anyway, I was lying very still, not moving a muscle so as not to wake Sam, when I suddenly felt a rather solid nudge from the inside of my tummy. I lay perfectly still. There it was again! It felt exactly like pre-birth Sam did when he would nudge me at night. I fell asleep happy and content.

When I woke I told myself I had imagined it. After all, I was only about nine weeks pregnant. You simply don't feel a baby move that early on; it's only an inch long, for heaven's sake! It was gas, I said to myself, and I chuckled at my imagination.

And then, Sunday at lunch with the family, I felt it again.

Again, I told myself that I couldn't possibly be feeling Beta move yet. Last time, I didn't feel Sam move until I was about sixteen weeks along, and that's pretty typical, especially for larger women. I actually checked the internet, and the largest outside range I could find was for twelve or thirteen weeks, with a very skinny mother. It simply wasn't possible.

But I kept feeling that nudge. And my stomach's a bit large, even accounting for what I might attribute to gas and bloating. I began to wonder whether I might just have messed up my due date. Maybe that last period wasn't really a period. It felt like a period, and it seemed heavy enough. What if...?

Yesterday afternoon, I finally decided that I couldn't take the not knowing. I called Maryann. She calmed me a little, telling me that it was, indeed, possible that I'd messed up my dates. She suggested that for my peace of mind, it might be worthwhile to go and have an ultrasound done to check things out. I called Eric at work, told him I what she told me, and then I made an appointment for us that evening at a local ultrasound clinic.

We went in around six, the last people there. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long, and then we were back in the room with the ultrasound tech. She was very pleasant, chattering about what it would be like the second time around, and then her grin got a little wider as she looked at the screen. A few minutes later, she turned the screen to face us. "It looks like you were a little off on your dates," she said. "You're about fourteen weeks along now. And look!"

And we did look.

The babies

There's little Beta on the left. On the right is...Gamma.

We haven't told anybody else yet. I haven't stopped stuttering since we left. No wonder I felt her...them...moving. They're taking up more space than I thought they were.

Sam's going to lose his mind. I'm going to lose my mind. Eric's numb, but he keeps laughing this weird, high-pitched chuckle. Rita and Mom are going to be calling daily. The house is going to feel a whole lot smaller come September or October.

Wow. My intuition didn't tell me anything like this. Way to fool me!

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