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Catching Up to Christmas

31 Days

This morning, while Gabe was having a bit of floor-time, Sam drove his remote control car right into his head before I could stop him. This is the second time he's done that; he only got the car back from its "time-out" yesterday evening. Back it went, post-haste.

"Sam," I scolded, "You know how to drive that thing!"

"Yes," he said. "I know how to drive it into Gabe's head."

He's taking a nap now, put in his bed early today for a complete inability to listen and be cooperative. Hopefully the extra rest will bring about a change in his behavior; he seemed a little more tired than usual when we got up this morning. Gabe did, too, though I know why that was; staying up all night, demanding to eat, will do that to you. He didn't really cry when he was asking, so I don't think Gabe is the reason for Sam's sleepiness.

I got my Christmas shopping for Eric done last night. Gabe was surprisingly chipper while we were out, so I was able to finish quickly. "Divide and conquer," said Eric, who had similar luck with Sam back at the ranch. This afternoon I got everything wrapped and under the tree. Eric has a long history of being a bit too curious about his presents, so I figured it was a wiser strategy to get them wrapped than to just hide them and hope he wouldn't find them. (I feel as though I'm getting good practice for when the boys are a bit older.)

Sam wanted to help me; he kept asking me what everything was. "I'm not telling you, because you'll just tell Daddy," I told him. He didn't argue the point, since even he seemed to know that that's exactly what he would do. He's been reporting to Eric about the flashlight that he himself got and wrapped for Daddy's present a while ago. He even tried to unwrap it and give it to him. I don't know why the Tree Festival organizers insisted on having the festival and Santa's workshop even before Thanksgiving; what child is going to be happy having to wait more than a month to give his selected gifts to his family?

We're going to have our Christmas celebration on December 18th, actually, since we don't want to pack the presents to take with us when we fly to West Virginia. I told Sam that Mommy sent an email to Santa to ask him to come early. Of course, he'll still have gifts to open at Grandma's house, but they'll all be pretty small in size, I hope. Rita got him a Leapster, so he should be able to play with that on the plane.

I need only a few more things now - mostly stocking stuffers. Gabe still needs a stocking. I'm hoping to make us all stockings for next year, so I'm not going to search too hard this year. In the meantime, I'm running well ahead of schedule. I need to pick up my Christmas cards and get them sent out, too, and I still need to do a bit of online shopping for my relatives. Nothing too heavy left to do. I'm doing pretty well for Christmas with a new baby, I think.

I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to update while we're in West Virginia. Rita cancelled their internet access, since they rarely used it. I've got a tech support number for our provider to see whether there's a dial-up number we can use while we're on the road; that would be the easiest solution, especially since Rita has unlimited long distance now. If not that, I suggested to Eric that I could use one of those free AOL CDs, but he didn't think it was a good idea. I'm not giving up on finding a solution yet.

Whoops, baby waking up. He's been on a nurse-fuss-nap-fuss cycle all morning, so I know where we're headed next, sadly. Maybe I mortgaged our morning happy time with last night's cooperation, or maybe it's just whatever it is that's taken Sam today. Ugh.

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