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Don't know when I'll actually get to post this; dial-up access has been down all day. Maybe by the time I get finished writing, I'll be able to connect.)

My niece, Hailey, and her mom came over to visit for a bit today. Sam couldn't stop touching his cousin; he hugged her twice before she could barely get out of her coat. They seemed to really get along, but the differences in personality were comical. I overheard this exchange between the two of them; guess who said what:

"Let's play doggy friends. I'll have a dog, and you go get a dog, and then we'll be lost and the dogs will help us get home."
Long pause. "Let's play cars."
"Oh, okay."

If I thought Sam was a talkative little kid, Hailey makes me grateful beyond words for his comparatively "strong, silent" nature. She's a complete chatterbox, starting her thoughts with, "Let me just tell you something..." She was intrigued by Gabriel, but she was firm in her decision that she did not want a baby in her house. At one point, we all thought she had changed her mind; she informed Linda that she wanted a little baby, and when Linda told her that she'd have to talk to her father about it, she asked that Daddy be called right then. A few minutes later, though, she began vehemently clarifying: she didn't want a human baby, but a stuffed animal baby.

Tomorrow night is the big Christmas Eve shindig here at the house, and the kids should go completely insane together, with all the food, guests, and excitement. Cory just showed up here an hour or so ago, and he warned me that he brought twelve-inch tubes of flavored sugar as small presents for both Sam and Hailey. Oh, the humanity.

I heard Gabe's first laugh today; I thought I heard a little one when he was just a newborn, but it hadn't happened again till now. He's been grinning for a while now, and I've been waiting for the good, solid belly laugh that seemed imminent. Tonight, as he was drifting off to sleep, he chuckled. It wasn't what I expected, though; he sounded like some cartoon dog whose name escapes me, all wheezy and squeaky. It made me giggle, too. I hope he does it again tomorrow.

He's trying so hard to do all sorts of things he can't quite manage. This afternoon he had me hold him in a sitting position on a footstool for a good twenty minutes, just supporting him lightly under the arms for balance. He likes to jump on my lap, pushing off with his legs whenever I stop "hopping" him. This evening I sat him in front of a mirror, and he grinned and flirted with his reflection for a long time. I don't know whether he realized it was himself or if he thought it was another baby, but either way, I'm still impressed.

I can't wait to see him with Cory tomorrow. He was asleep when my brother arrived, so Cory has only been able to see his dim outline in the dark bedroom. I hope Gabe is as entertained by Cory as Sam has always been. Cory has a knack with kids, so I don't doubt that Gabe will also fall under his spell.

I need to end early tonight; Gabe took an extremely long nap today, and I get the feeling he'll make up for it with extra nursings and awake time in the wee hours of the coming morning. He's already sleeping very restlessly. Honestly, though, I don't dread the idea as much as I could. Today in the bathroom, I found some tell-tale evidence that perhaps my fertility is returning, thanks to a baby that sleeps very well many nights. With Sam, my period didn't return until I was nineteen months postpartum, and I'll be very put out if I don't get at least six months (a year would rock) menstrually unencumbered.

So nurse up, baby. It's your only real job right now, and I won't tolerate any slackers.

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