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We're still here in Maryland. We've been really busy, and we're still busy, so this won't be a long entry; you'll have to wait for a full recap until we get back home, I think. Still, I did want to check in and let you know that I am still alive and that things are going wonderfully here.

Sam and Gabe are having a blast, though it took Gabe a couple of days to warm up to my father. It was probably a combination of Dad's unfamiliar, rather booming voice and the fact that Gabe was exhausted from the train ride, for which he staidly refused to sleep for more than an hour at a time. The net result was a very sleepy boy who cried inconsolably whenever his grandfather said a word to him. Thankfully, when he adjusted to his surroundings and got a few naps under his belt, he decided that Papou was perfectly wonderful. Sam, of course, needed no acclimation time; he dove in headfirst and has yet to come up for air.

Since being here, we've:

  • Gone to the playground a few times
  • Visited Dinosaur Land
  • Went to West Virginia for Easter and had fun with lots of cousins
  • Had many Easter egg hunts
  • Fed the ducks at the park
  • Went to the art museum and did their scavenger hunt
  • Met Kerry and Jolene and their gorgeous children
  • Got my hair chopped off into a short, choppy bob (Pictures later - later, I said!)
  • Seem to have finally (finally!) turned a corner in Sam's willingness to have bowel movements
  • Ridden golf carts (just Sam and my dad)
  • Took Gabe to meet my dad's parents for the first time
  • Learned how to sit up unassisted (guess which one of us!)

And tons more that I haven't mentioned, not including just plain having fun relaxing about the house and enjoying each other. We still have a few more days, too, during which I intend to meet Jennifer and her beans. It's been a very productive visit, I must say.

I am looking forward to seeing Eric again, though. He's been even lonelier than we anticipated, and it's less gratifying than he expected to prepare lavish meals when there's nobody around to ooh or ah over them. Work has been...interesting (eventful?), too, for him, especially with people coming over from their German facilities. (Like a yearly thing, I suppose, considering that he was overseas himself a year ago.) More later on that perhaps, too. Nightly phone calls have been rather weighty.

Anyway, that's where we're at. We leave for Wisconsin Sunday evening, so I'm going to go now and enjoy my remaining time. Sam is amazed whenever I remind him that this is where I grew up as a little girl. The thought that Mommy was once small is a little jarring to him, and he can't quite fathom it for truth. I showed him a picture of my young parents holding an infant me, and his head nearly popped with the effort of understanding it. I ought to take him down to my old elementary school today just to keep him on his toes.

Last but not least, I should say that the train was actually quite fun, and my only new reservations regarding the return trip are: Union Station, which epitomized the word "teeming" (as well as "bustling" and "madhouse") and for which we have a much lengthier layover this time; and Gabe's unwillingness to sleep on my chest, which makes for a long night. I'm also planning to make certain we have a motion sickness back at hand for Sam's quick use, but hopefully that was just a fluke, and I don't blame the train; he's been known to puke on most other modes of transportation just as easily.

I hope everybody had a great Easter! Ours has been fabulous.

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