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Get Out of Mah Belly

I wasn't joking about the needing to be prone. I've been awake most of the night with incredible nausea and alternating hot flashes and chills. I probably still have a fever, as I'm now sitting here with the air conditioning running, and I've taken off my PJ's because I'm just so uncomfortably warm. Last night, though, I had the heat cranked up to the point where, until I figured out why, Gabe keept waking up whining and covered in sweat. Even then, I kept hallucinating while I stripped him out of his warm pajamas, thinking he was a geisha and that his kimono was too heavy for him...

I need more sleep. My stomach is still roiling, and it had better be better by tomorrow, because I am not getting on an airplane feeling like this. I'm moderately emetophobic, and I don't intend to combine this nausea with turbulence and the stomach-clenching fear that causes in me.

I hope it was just something I ate, but I think food-related issues usually come on pretty fast after eating, don't they? Ugh.

I'm all torn. Eric's been really enjoying my iPod on this trip, wearing it to go to sleep, relaxing to the world music playlist. He likes it so much that I've really begun to think that one of his own might be an excellent Christmas gift. On the other hand, he doesn't want us to spend much money on each other this year.

I certainly can't make an expensive purchase like that without him knowing, so I have talked to him about it, and while he does agree that he'd like one, the price is a sticky point. Places like will give you steep discounts, but Eric's not as interested in the iPod Shuffle, and I don't want to get him a disappointing gift.

Maybe I can find some way to do it, but I'm not holding my breath. Any of those pyramid schemes for free iPods still running? Kidding!

Great; Eric just came to pick us up from the hotel, and he's feeling as bad as I do, though his own ailment came over him this morning. Probably too much to hope that the boys won't succumb next. He just keeps moaning and groaning and feeling hot flashes; if Gabe and Sam get to feeling this way, one of us needs to be in a better position to comfort them, or else this could get very bad.

Interestingly, Eric does not feel fevered to me. Maybe I wasn't running a fever after all. On the other hand, perhaps my hand is just still so fevered that it's causing Eric to feel normal to me. I don't suppose it really matters.

If anything frightened me more than getting on an airplane while feeling this way, it's the thought of getting on an airplane feeling this way while carrying a child who also feels this way. Oh, 2005 must really, really hate us all to be going out with such vengeance.

"Sam, you eat so well."

"Yes, I do. I really like to eat. But I don't like cabbages or onions."

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