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Back already. I'm not doing so well at this year's Holidailies, but I think I'm being a trooper about it, all things considered. Geesh, my life has been a tornado since December eighth; I've only been home for four days in that time. But I'm still plugging away.

It was really wonderful to be able to spend time with my family. Mom called her friend jeanne to come down and visit, and she and her husband arrived at Mom's on Thursday morning, just in time to help us try to wrangle our present to Mom and Dad through the front door. We got them a large, poufy, tan couch, just perfect to replace their current sofa that predated my own birth. I mean, that old couch had no more springs in it at all, I think, an the center was being supported by a couple of sheets of plywood that they had put under the cushions. (It made for a very unsatisfying sofa flop-down, let me tell you.) They had actually planned to replace it this year, but when their television died several weeks ago (another item in their house that might have qualified for a senior discount), they decided to prioritize that purchase ahead of a sofa, since they usually sit in their recliners, anyway.

But after much blood, sweat, and tears, the new sofa made it through the front door (it took my brother, my husband, my grandfather (and his pickup truck), and Mom's friend's husband to do it), and it looks wonderful. Comfy, too! Mom seemed thoroughly surprised, though our original idea to have the parents out of the house when we brought it in didn't work and they had to be kept in the kitchen instead; they knew something was going on, obviously, but the looks on their faces when we finally let them come in the living room were great, regardless of what they thought they could guess.

I'll have pictures when we get back home, I promise. I even got a "before" shot of the old couch for comparison sake.

Anyway, as I said, Mom's friends came over, and we hung out for a while playing Scene It, a game that I'd actually been eyeing from commercials. It was just a ton of fun; I think we might pick up a version for ourselves. We played in two teams, and my team won two out of three games; I was on a roll with guessing TV theme songs. Frankly, I think we need a game just for that category alone.

In the evening, Mom and Dad lovingly but firmly booted Eric and me out the door with instructions to go on a date and have a good time. We obeyed with pleasure; that's a rare opportunity these days. We grabbed dinner at a steakhouse, where we got goofy playing table football with peanuts (those suckers can hurt!), and then we went to see Memoirs of a Geisha. I was surprised and pleased with how well the writers did in adapting the book; the changes were almost all acceptable and well-handled, and I never really felt like I was missing anything important from the original, as soft often is the case for me. I did encourage Eric to read the book now, though, and he says he probably will.

Meanwhile, both boys did quite well with my parents, though Sam's showing obvious signs of needing to be back home and on a regular routine very soon now. He also started back up with the death questions and thoughts, too, probably promted by seeing his other grandmother and being reminded of Rita. Mom kissed him goodnight and said she'd see him in the morning, and he replied, "Not if I die in the night." Mom told him that he wouldn't, and he responded, "But some people do!" He also told Mom that his grandma in heaven was sad because she missed us, and that he hoped that when he died and went to be with her, there would be toys in heaven; he thought there would be, because "Jesus had toys here when he was a little boy!"

The car ride back went mostly okay, but Gabe's limit seems to really be around four or five hours; the last hour today was simply hellacious. We three sang Christmas carols, played the radio, and tried giving him snacks, but it was no good. The baby wanted out.

Now that we're here and the boys are asleep, I can hear Sam in the back room, coughing quite a bit. I'm wondering whether I ought to go wake him to try to give him an albuterol dose; he hates it when I do that and struggles quite a bit, which sometimes makes the coughing seem even worse, but on the other hand, I hate to let him just hack. I think he's just overtired, which seems to make his asthma kick up a little for some reason.

Only a few more days, and then we'll be back home. In the meantime, there's a bowl game to watch, New Year's to celebrate (resolutions?), and last-minute visiting with Eric's family to cherish. I better get some sleep if I want to be able to keep going; this is the vacation that never ends...

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