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So, he got his new glasses.

New glasses!

When the call came from the store saying that they were ready, Sam suddenly got a huge case of nerves. He hugged his arms to his chest, giggling with a worried look, and when I asked him what was wrong, he muttered that he was scared people would tease him. I bolstered him up again, and when we finally got to the store and put them on him, I think he was feeling a little better. It helped that the saleslady and people we met throughout the day told him how cute he looked in them, and he was eager to share that he got them because "my right eye is stronger than my left eye!" I blogged his picture, and the compliments in the comments made him feel much better, too.

And then he went to school today, and all went well, except for the fact that he was burning up with a fever of 101.4 when I picked him up this afternoon. Well, you can't have everything.

So I started making a list of everything I want to do in order to make this house feel okay to me, and by the time I finished, instead of feeling motivated, I felt like crawling into a corner and shaking for a week. Shall I share?


  • Pull up the nasty green linoleum and replace it with something brighter. It's just too dark in there.
  • Replace the crappy poorly-installed ceiling fan with a new light fixture, maybe something chandelier-esque.
  • Spotlights over work surfaces for added brightness.
  • Pull out the old cheap cabinets and drawers and replace them with something lighter and more solid.
  • Repaint. Maybe yellow or peach.
  • New windows, but that goes without saying; the whole house, outside of the master bedroom, needs them.

Dining roomDining room:

  • New windows, of course.
  • Refinish the floor.
  • Can you change the light fixture on a ceiling fan without changing the fan? Because I have no problems with the fan, but it's too darn dark in here. Maybe I just need to add an extra lamp or something, but I'm not sure where.

Living roomLiving room:

  • Window treatments, stat.
  • New carpet to replace this old stuff.
  • Fix holes and cracks in walls; repaint with something warmer.
  • New windows.
  • Fix doorknob so that lock can actually be used from both sides.

StairsStairs and hallway:

  • Add carpet runner going up the stairs; either carpet the hallway or refinish the wood.
  • Replace or fix the drawers under the linen closet so they open and close easily.

BathroomBathroom (here we go!):

  • Paint the clawfoot: either a solid color or some sort of design on the outside. Reglazing the inside, at least done properly, would probably be out of the question since I can't remove the thing from the bathroom, but it's not too bad, anyway - just a little rough and discolored in spots.
  • Pull out the crappy patterned linoleum and replace - in a dream world, with tile; in my real world, probably with a very warm-colored linoleum.
  • Repaint in a warm tone; the dark blue gives me the willies, and the stenciled stars aren't my cup of tea at all.
  • Change the medicine cabinet for one where the doors open outward, not slide into each other and crack the glass where the handles strike.

Kiddo's roomSam's room:

  • New windows.
  • He actually likes the dark blue, so no repainting.

Mr. Cheeks' roomGabe's room:

  • Repaint, and this time, actually prime first. Good God, what was I thinking? Yellow to cover dark blue, and no priming?! But something fun on the walls this time, since after Gabe moves into Sam's room for nights, this will be a playroom for them. Wallies? A mural? We'll see.
  • Refinish floor.
  • New windows.
  • Fix closet door so it stays shut; a new knob will be needed.

Our roomMaster bedroom:

  • Window treatments. This is challenging, since we have three windows next to each other, and curtains aren't that wide. The blinds are ugly, though.
  • Refinish the floor.
  • Figure out some sort of closet organization method. "Cram and shove" just makes for annoying mornings.

BasementBasement, laundry side:

  • Paint the concrete floor with that Rustoleum stuff that makes it waterproof and looks like a nice, finished floor. I want it bright, too.
  • Hang some fluorescent lights.
  • Paint the walls something bright, but also cheerful. Maybe white with some sort of...I don't know. Accent? I rule at this home decorating hoo-hah.
  • Replace the windows.
  • Paint the wood enclosure around the shower stall. Maybe the accent-thing-I-don't-know-yet can play into this part.
  • Finish the wall between this part of the basement and the more "finished" section; hang some sort of door - either Dutch or screen.

BasementBasement, rest of it:

  • Get rid of the scraggly "rug" (ugh) on the floor; replace with rubber "puzzle" mat squares from Sam's Club.
  • Finish the walls where they're still needing drywalled.
  • Paint the walls something fun; maybe some chalkboard or magnetic paint for one wall?
  • Hang some shelves along the wall.
  • For the back room, get a bunch of those heavy-duty shelves for storage.


  • Tuck-point and repaint the brick pillar on the front of our porch.
  • Stain and waterproof the front porch, back deck, and fence.
  • Repair the loose slats on the fence and straighten the parts where it's leaning. (I don't know how to do that, but perhaps the good folks at Home Depot will.)
  • Paint Sam's treehouse; he wants lots of bright colors.
  • Shore up the treehouse so it doesn't shake. It's not dangerous or anything, but Sam doesn't like it one bit.
  • Fresh mulch for the flower beds.
  • Repair gate, and perhaps put some sort of arbor going over it.
  • The garage needs gutters and a couple of window panes.
  • Maybe we can add porch gutters to draw rain away from the house.
  • Clean out the house gutters.
  • Plant some sort of smaller tree to replace the one we had to take down last year.
  • Eric and Sam want to put a garden in the back of the yard.

I think I'll just cry. This isn't even taking into consideration the large things that need to be done, like electrical work. It's enough to make me just want to go back in time and slap myself in the face for even touring this house during our hunt.

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