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The answer to yesterday's poll, regarding the portrait from today's company Christmas party:

Eek!  No Santa!

Yep, Gabe was fine right up until the moment when we reached the front of the line, at which point he began shaking his head and backing up. He consented to come close enough to get a reindeer-dressed sucker from Santa's hand, but sit on his lap? Oh, criminy, no. He didn't even really want to sit on my lap if said lap was going to be anywhere near the man in red. I personally love the look Santa is casting toward Gabe: "Young man, that's one lump of coal - two, if I'm feeling generous."

But he recovered, and once Sam had delivered his hand-written missive to Santa's little mailbox ("Dear Santa: Dog, car. Love, Sam."), we were off to watch the company-provided movie (we opted for "Curious George" over "The Grinch," since we knew both boys would sit through that one without protest, and they did smashingly) and pick up their company-provided gifts. Gabe got a vacuum cleaner with a face that talks, and Sam got a Hot Wheels launcher-truck-thing with a car that presumably does some sort of acrobatic trick. They don't skimp on the gifts; both kids were pleased as punch, though Gabe seems to feel that he should be given both toys. Center of the universe, what?

Eric reminded me that the adult Christmas party is this Saturday, so I really need to get cracking on finding a sitter. I rather hope that the teenager we had last time is available; she was sweet and the boys loved her, and I really prefer having somebody come over here instead of having to tote the boys someplace else and then either leave the party early to get them home and into bed, or else have to wake them up to put them into the car. And what to wear? Hmmmm. I just got a nice dress to wear to a wedding back in October, but it's a little shorter and lower in the neckline than I want to wear right now, with snow up to my knees. I'd like something a little more "holiday-ish," if that makes any sense. I own about three dresses that I can easily wear, including that one, so it's not like it would be an impractical thing to get, anyway.

Hmmph!Eric's asleep upstairs with Gabe; Sam was supposed to be napping up there, too, but he's in mutiny. The whole thing with Sam's naps is really annoying; most kids his age don't even take regular naps, but now that this school district has moved to all-day kindergarten, they do a rest period after lunch. If I don't give him a naptime on the weekends, it makes it harder for him to settle down and rest in school; also, the habit of resting every day in school makes it difficult for him to be a reasonable human being if he doesn't lie down for a while when he's off from school. I feel sort of trapped into keeping him on a nap schedule, which is especially irritating on days like today, when all the poor kid wants is to spend time with his dad, who's been gone for so long. Of course, having been on the road makes Eric feel weary, so he needs the nap himself.

Why can't I have a nap? I think everybody would be happier with a little extra pillow time every once in a while, really.

Actually, I'm more tired than I should be, but since I hadn't seen Eric in a week, I wound up staying up too late last night with him...playing Guitar Hero. Er, yeah. He bought the first Guitar Hero game a few months back, and I was primarily a spectator for the whole thing; now we're on Guitar Hero II, and he's managed to rope me in and thoroughly addict me. Well, I couldn't help it! For him, it was a neat rhythm game; for me, it was my youth. Unlike me, Eric never went through any teen rebellion phases, and he listened to primarily jazz and classical music in high school; I, on the other hand, found myself completely unable to listen to him start playing the opening lick to "Sweet Child of Mine" without yelling, "Aw, yeah!" and, well, reaching for the second guitar. Hello, obsession. In the meantime, my dear, sweet, geeky husband prowls through the Wikipedia entry and teaches himself Rage Against the Machine lyrics, no less enthusiastic for his delay in discovery.

Funny note: last night we were going through the Bonus Tracks, playing in Face-Off mode (trading licks back and forth through each song) and trying new ones. I saw "Trogdor" on the list and completely missed the (admittedly pretty geeky) reference until the credits showed right before we had to play: Strong Bad! "Trogdor comes in the night!" I was laughing so hard I think I missed most of the notes in the entire first half of the song.

Eric went and got me my own copy of Karaoke Revolution Party, which is also quite fun, but it's not nearly as well-designed a game as Guitar Hero. There's no progression or aim; it's just "pick a song and sing," lather, rinse, repeat. On the other hand, it has become my personal goal to completely nail "Me and Bobby McGee" on the expert level. "Lordy, Lordy, Lordy," indeed.

SleepyIt's 4:30 now, and Eric and Gabe are still asleep. On the one hand, I hate to wake a sleeping baby, especially one who's liable to gripe about it until bedtime. On the other hand, we still need to go grocery shopping tonight, as we really have almost nothing with which to prepare dinner tonight.

On the mutant third hand, it's unrealistic to expect that we could grocery shop, come home, and then prepare dinner at a reasonable hour, even if they woke up now, so I need to come up with a backup plan anyway. If all else fails, there's leftover pizza in the fridge that would do in a pinch for the kids, and Eric is handy at making quick meals for himself and me that the boys wouldn't touch anyway (kidney bean curry rocks my world in a coriander-ginger-cilantro cradle of joy). We'll survive, even if it's not Plan A.

Today's poll: I've been getting headaches every afternoon around two o'clock. They're not crazy migraines or anything, just annoying, pounding pain.

Poll for December 2nd!

What's up with the headaches?

It's caffeine addiction - knock off the coffee, ya addict
It's caffeine addiction - drink another cup; pain sucks
It's a tumor.
It's the universe, punishing you for being a rotten person
It's the universe, showing you love by giving you bearhugs to the skull!
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