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New Beds!

Who's that?
Well, lookee there.

It's a Cheeks!
Somebody's taking a nap someplace new!

Later that afternoon...

"Oh, boy!"

"Yay! Thanks, Mom!"

Oh, look!
"Look, Gabe! The bunkbeds are here!"

Climbing  Snuggling
Yes, he knows...

Hello, down there!

Gimme five  Two little monkeys

In heaven
In kid heaven...


What are you doing up here?
This could be trouble.

On the other hand, it also looks like a whole lot of fun!

So, taking bets! Which child will fall and break a bone first? Oh, my nerves...

Poll for December 20th!

What time will Gabe be getting up tonight to come running to the big bed?

2:00 AM
4:00 AM
He might make it until dawn...
Who are you kidding? Better get your adult time now, while you can!
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previous one year ago:
I'm working so hard to show Sam that Christmas is not about "gimme, gimme, gimme!"
two years ago:
For now, it's firmly on my list of "things I do only when I absolutely have to," right underneath barium swallows and pap smears.
three years ago:
As another side note, I consider myself lenient, indeed, for not automatically failing the student who completed the test in orange highlighter.
four years ago:
Realizing that people who are really in need might be able to use Sam's clothes gave me perspective and the motivation to get my butt in gear.
five years ago:
Turns out that the weight of the ice and snow on the roof of the building had caused the ceiling of my dorm room to collapse.
six years ago:
I just keep whispering to Little Bit, "Be thankful that this will all be gone by the time you arrive!"
seven years ago:
I am not an artist! Why won't anyone believe me?
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