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Jun 30


Heading on down to West Virginia this morning to visit with Eric’s family. Mom and Dad sort of insisted, though they wouldn’t have had to; they’re lending us Mom’s car for the trip, which made it possible, though. 🙂 Haven’t seen Eric’s dad in about eighteen months, so this is sort of imperative. I’m pretty …

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Jun 29


We’re here! Yesterday was busy, busy, and a good time was had by all. Since we flew into Baltimore in the morning and my parents were there to pick us up, we decided to do Inner Harbor then. We took the boys on the USS Constellation for a tour, where Eric and Sam got to …

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Jun 27

Leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow, anyway. 🙂 And I just know that Amanda and Sarah (fambly club friends) are going to have their babies before I get back, grumble-grumble… I feel punchy today, so don’t mind me. Did my run this morning, and it felt more like a swim than a run, but I got through it and feel …

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Jun 25


I lost track of time and overscheduled the day! And it’s all afternoon and evening! 😯 To wit: * Sam’s playground program, from 1:30-4:30. * Sam’s Vacation Bible School, from 5:45-8:00. * My cousin’s family is visiting the state and will be having dinner with us tonight. * Gotta get started packing for our trip …

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Jun 24

Mortification is…

…indelibly dyeing half a dozen toddlers’ hands various colors in the course of a Sunday School craft. Not your own child’s, though, as he (wisely, as it turns out) refused to put his hand anywhere near the stamp pad. “Washable” and “Child-safe” inks, my saggy rump. 😳

Jun 23


(Those, like my mom, who are unfamiliar with the concept of the image macro, might want to go here.)

Jun 23

Two-coffee morning

Gabe, the less verbal of my two children, just came to me and said, quite clearly, “Put pretzels in a cup, so I may eat them.” Huh. Guess he doesn’t need caffeine in the morning to be sharp. Sam’s report card came in the mail (all “Satisfactory” marks). This is cool; we found out his …

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Jun 22

Twenty minutes? No problem!

I did it! I have no idea how much actual distance I’m covering, of course, at my snail’s pace, but that’s okay; if it were a really short distance, knowing that might demotivate me. Maybe when I’ve completed the program, I’ll look into a pedometer and figure it out. (And one of these days, maybe …

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Jun 21


Having trouble waking up today. Maybe it had something to do with the car alarm outside my window that woke me up in the wee hours by blaring for a solid three minutes before stopping for ten seconds and then going all-out for another three minutes. Classy. Sam ran into my room, anxiously shouting, “What’s …

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Jun 19

Breaking and Entering

Continuing with me faaaaaabulous day, I grabbed my purse when it was time to pick up Sam from the playground program, hustled Gabe out the door, and was just feeling the door swing shut behind me when I thought, “Do I have my keys?” Why, no, I did not. No cell phone, either. And Eric’s …

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