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Dec 31

Run into the New Year Race Report!

Find more videos like this on RuncastTV (Why is it that whenever a video cuts to a shot from within the recording, it always picks the frame where I look like a complete idiot?) Find more videos like this on RuncastTV Things that didn’t get into the videos: I came in 232nd in a field …

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Dec 30


I burned holy heck out of the pork chops tonight. I couldn’t find Cracker Jacks at the store (they’re our family’s traditional New Year’s treat). I also couldn’t find fatback for Eric, who’s embroiled in a sausage-making extravaganza at a friend’s place right now and who really needed it for the sausage to be “right.” …

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Dec 29


Well, I started marathon training today! Woo! Actually, the training technically started yesterday, but the first day (ignore the days of the week; I’ve rotated them back a day to have my long run on Saturday) was cross-training, so it hardly felt like a “start.” 😉 I went to the gym and spun for half …

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Dec 28

My year in pictures

Individual memories are so numerous and scattered that sometimes it’s easier to sum up a year by reflecting on what struck me as important enough, in the moment, to capture visually. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the year 2008 in 12,000 words. Read more… or Read more right here… » …

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Dec 27

It’s a brand new record from 1990…

Ahem. Yet I see nobody marching hand in hand – just a steady stream of water, coming in through a very aptly named weep hole in my basement wall. I’ll admit to knowing absolutely nothing about home maintenance or waterproofing, but I’d have thought that a hole in the wall like that would be served …

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Dec 26

This and that

Just a casual sort of day in these parts. Woke up a little late, and the boys enjoyed playing with their new toys. I got grumpy early, when I couldn’t take pictures because I’d had to rob my camera of its batteries to power Sam’s Didj, so I decided to go by Walgreen’s for more …

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Dec 25

By the way

More pictures and videos over at Flickr. 🙂

Dec 25

A Good Way to Celebrate

Good coffee? Check; two steaming mugs, one for Eric and one for me, of coffee made from French-roasted beans, with eggnog syrup, cream, and Frangelico. Good wine? A crystal glass of Bolla merlot is sitting next to me – not too dry, not too sweet. Maybe it’s not the rarest or most pricey of reds, …

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Dec 24

Christmas Eve Run – movies!

I’m now in for the night, having picked up the stocking candy when I hit the grocery store during my run. (Had to make sure that not all of it was chocolate; Gabe has decided to forgo any pretense about abiding it.) Eric and Sam still plan to run out for last-last-minute shopping in a …

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Dec 23

Longest Day Ever

Channeling The Simpsons Comic Book Store Guy, there. There really wasn’t much to say about today, other than that I’m grateful that my kids are still so very oblivious of what’s going on around them that I can say thirty-seven times, “I’m going down to do laundry!” without them questioning why I’m never bringing up …

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