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Jul 31

The word “title” looks really funny after a while.

I’d never heard of this guy. Have I been under a rock or something? (Wouldn’t be the first time.) So, I was talking to Mom today on the phone, and I mentioned that every day lately, without fail, I get dog tired an hour after running. I go from energized and happy to “I need …

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Jul 30

It found us

Summer, that is; it seems to have found our corner of Wisconsin. Now, I realize that we have very little room to complain; all things considered, there just aren’t that many days here per year that could be considered uncomfortably hot. Maryland was much warmer, and I recall suffering through far worse summers in West …

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Jul 29

I’m awake, I’m awake

Remember that mumbly, grumbly noise you used to make when your mom would try to get you up in the morning – sort of meant to indicate that you were wide awake, but in fact was about the extent to which you were able to exert yourself without opening your eyes or moving a muscle …

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Jul 28

Little laughs

It makes me smile when, waking Sam up in the morning, he grouses at me for not waking him up to go out on my run with me. Not that he’s ever gone before, of course, but the complaint implies that we frequently do run together and that I breached some sort of standing arrangement …

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Jul 26

Runners: Open Thread

Well, I just talked about my race, but I just have to say once more just how much fun the Wayne Dannehl cross-country course is to run. It’s totally intimidating to non-runners, I’ll grant; last year this time, I was scared crapless of it. Compared to the little gravel bike path on which I’d trained, …

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Jul 26

Steve’s Encore Race Report

Well, would you look at that? I took first place in my age group in today’s race! The Steve’s Encore race is on that gorgeous cross-country course, and I went out early today to put in some miles on it before the race; after all, the start time wasn’t until 9, and the day wasn’t …

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Jul 25

Fridays are for Farmers

I adore that the local Farmer’s Market is so close to my house now. On Friday mornings, the kids and I walk down there, about a mile, and pick out fresh organic produce to last us for the week. We went the first few weeks it was there, and the season was early enough that …

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Jul 24

Calm(ish) Day

I had a decent run this morning; nice and quiet, not too hot outside. I haven’t felt “great” since the whole medical stuff started, and now I think we’re heading into That Time of the Month, so I have that to eagerly anticipate. 🙄 I am looking forward to Saturday’s race, mind you, but a …

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Jul 23


GABE: “Mom, does ‘advice’ start with the letter ‘i’?” ME: “No, the letter ‘a’.” GABE (wandering off, grumbling): “Then he was wrong! I knew it!” I have no idea or context. 😐 All part of trying to keep up with these boys. Yesterday at a playground, Gabe confused the heck out of some dad there …

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Jul 22

That was unpleasant

All done, though. No sign of any perforations, bottom line, and I’m frankly inclined to defer any further testing without some pretty darn compelling arguments from my doctor (“You’ll sue me if things change for the worse” is not compelling for me). As for the details, last night was…well, I suppose it could have been …

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