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Oct 31

Happy Halloween


Oct 31

Now that I’m awake again

Wanted to expand on the first point of yesterday. Sam and Gabe didn’t have school yesterday (or today, either, for that matter), but I wanted to go on a run, anyway. I decided that although it would probably wind up as a shortened run, due to the boys’ attention spans and endurance levels, I’d push …

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Oct 30

Yay, site back up

Finally, after all the live-long day. 🙄 Long story short (since I’m tired now – too tired to repeat it all over): long run, pushing stroller and following Sam on his bike. Voted early. Sassy kids in the evening; wine. Bleah.

Oct 29

Craziness yesterday

So we get up, as usual, and I get the kids dressed and into the car for various schools, as usual, and I’m on my way to preschool with Gabe, as usual, when something strikes me in the back of the unconsciousness and says, “Dummy! Class party!” and I suddenly remembered that Gabe’s school Halloween …

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Oct 27

It Begins

Snowing out there. Nothing that’s going to accumulate much, but…It’s Here. In other news, Gabe enjoys writing his name… …artistically. 😉

Oct 26

Halloween Party

(More pictures up over at Flickr; just click on the picture.)

Oct 25

Runners: Open Thread

Sometimes, my runs aren’t peaceful or beautiful. Today, I was out with the running club. It was a route I didn’t know, and I took a wrong turn early on, so when I figured it out, I was near the back of the pack. I was heading down a road near the turn-around at the …

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Oct 23

Too much to do!

There’s a lot happening around here right now, which is making my belly seize up when I contemplate how it’s all going to happen. Today, I knew I had to run a couple of important errands, and I had to get both kids to school. There was a direct conflict between my MOPS meeting and …

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Oct 22

In bullet form

I have choir rehearsal tonight, along with a cough and a voice more baritone than alto. Should be a kick. Along those lines, I’m running seriously behind in figuring out what the heck I’m going to sing in church for an upcoming service. Inquiring minds (and accompanists) would probably like to know. Need to hit …

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Oct 21

It’s my party, and I’ll cough if I want to

Now it’s my turn to have a sickness-themed birthday! Whoopee! 🙄 I feel a little better today than I did yesterday, but it that was the bar to beat, that’s not saying much at all. But today I’m thirty-three years old, which number seems really dull. Thirty-three; three times eleven, eleven itself being pretty unremarkable. …

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