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Dec 31

OMG iPhone…

No, I don’t have one; I’m just trying to navigate Ronnie’s friend Susan’s phone, as there’s otherwise no Internet connection. Verdict: my fingers are too big and my eyes too weak. 😉 There are probably workarounds for the latter, at least, but I don’t know ’em. (Why would I?) Anyway, can’t do a New Year …

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Dec 30

Falling behind

It’s harder to keep up with Holidailies each year, as the kids get older and the activities become more consuming! My parents got here Monday evening, just to visit briefly and drop off Christmas presents, and my brother and their best couple friends were with them. The kids were thrilled to see them, and we …

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Dec 28

Starved for family

I did that hill again today, as I have little choice. 😉 When the house is perched on the top of the hill, there’s really only the one way you can go: down. I don’t trust myself to drive down the twisty road, and I don’t know that I could find a better place to …

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Dec 27

From The Book of the Obvious

Hey, did you know that West Virginia has hills? And that if you start at the top of something called “Mount Alpha” and move downward, you’ll subsequently find yourself realizing just how very far you are from Wisconsin? 😉 Wow. Nothing like a family visit back east to make you feel like a Hardcore Runner. …

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Dec 26

Foggy brain

Despite multiple cups of coffee, my ability to think remains doggedly elusive. (I can’t brain today; I have the dumb.) I’ve managed to winnow out the following ideas, formed over the past several hours: 1) Children are very, very noisy creatures, as well as randomly violent. 2) Blowing snow is very pretty, unless you’re on …

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Dec 25

Christmas Eve

Very tired tonight; too tired to type. 🙂 Here’s a multimedia entry, then! (Warning, warning! Frank discussion of Santa’s existence herein; might not want to play in front of children or those others who believe.)

Dec 23

Bad vs. Good

Okay, let’s total up the day. Good: Got my run in, if a little slow, due to ice and darkness. Good: Sam woke up feeling a little better than he did yesterday, when he came home with a cold. Bad: We were watching some old movies on the computer, and Sam spotted an old plastic …

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Dec 22

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping

A very brief entry tonight, as I’m trying hard to get myself into bed. You see, part of being able to get up early and get a run into the day is preparation. If I don’t start planning for a morning run by the evening of the night before, I’m not just not facilitating the …

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Dec 21

Tentative 2010 race plans

Just for my own notes. Feel free to skip. 🙂 If you have plans of your own, though, I’d love to hear them! Read more… or Read more right here… » 1/31 – RACC Expo 5K 4/10 – Mount Pleasant Half-Marathon 5/16 – Green Bay Marathon 6/19 – Lighthouse Run 10mi 7/10 – Devil’s Lake …

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Dec 21

Quick Gabe-ism

GABE: “Mom?” ME: “Upstairs!” GABE (climbing): “Mom, I need to ask you to do something that’s not that important. But I need you to do something for your child.” ME: “Um. What is it?” GABE (holding out a Lego figure): “Put this gun in the guy’s hand.” ME: “Sure. You know, he doesn’t have a …

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