Monthly Archive: January 2009

Jan 30


Got a package in the mail. Read more… or Read more right here… » Eric decided to surprise me with the Endurance Bag, after all. 🙂 And on a day like today, it’s pretty much the unquestionable high point. Love, for the bag and for my caring husband. I’ll let you guys know how it …

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Jan 29

Jitter, jitter

CJ the Netbook and I are using Panera’s wi-fi service this morning! New experience for me, and I like it! Well, except for the mysterious lock-ups that keep happening over at SparkPeople when I try to enter my measly little fruit cup into my day’s eats. No idea what’s up with that; it’s not happened …

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Jan 27

Lima beans, anyone?

Jan 27


Yesterday was a craptastic day. From about ten o’clock onward, I had a pounding headache, which I can now attribute to two factors. 1) I spent the weekend not keeping a handle on my sugar intake, so I went back into withdrawal yesterday. 2) I’m apparently fighting off something. Kept waking up all night soaked …

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Jan 25

Bag envy

Almost pulled the trigger and bought an Endurance Bag today. I waffled again. 🙁 I know I’m not alone in having trouble spending money on myself, as opposed to the kids or other loved ones; it’s easier to get things that you need, like clothing that fits or shoes, but other items are harder. Isn’t …

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Jan 24

Runners: Open Thread

What makes for a “bad run”? By all rights, my run today should have been bad. For one thing, I didn’t get to bed until 12:30 AM, and I had to start running at 5:30 AM. For another thing, the air temperature when I began, not even taking into account the wind chill, was -4F. …

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Jan 23

Some days

Ran this morning, a bit over 6 miles. (Got back and discovered no milk for my coffee. 😡 ) Babysitting this morning. Violin lesson in the afternoon. Try to squeeze in an oil change after that. Quick dinner at home; I’m thinking bison chili. Kids to the sitter, then, and us off to the emotionally …

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Jan 22

News flash

I’m better about cooking, in just about every aspect, when I’m tracking my own nutrition. That is all. 🙄

Jan 22

Desperation pays off

So in the aftermath of the work cuts, there’s to be a sort of goodbye/vent party on Friday night; it was scheduled yesterday. Finding a babysitter with a week’s notice is extremely difficult; doing it with only two days to spare was probably going to be impossible. I left a message on one babysitter’s cell …

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Jan 21


It’s been a rough several days here in these parts. Eric’s company made some severe cuts, and we spent a couple of very tense days not knowing whether he or any of our friends who work there would have jobs from one minute to the next. Though there are still some more cuts coming, it …

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