Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 27

Mixed-up Friday

Woke up early this morning, ready to run (normally have to start really early on Fridays, so as to be done my mid-length run before Eric leaves for work), only to find ice over the earth. It was a very thin layer, too thin for YakTrax to help, so I had to regroup, reassess…and muster …

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Feb 26

I had a doctor appointment this morning.

That kind of appointment. Oh, well; the stirrups were warm, and I like my doctor. We had a nice chat, and she did the check quickly and with no discomfort for me, other than the token embarrassment of being in the requisite position. But here’s something interesting: when I brought up to her that I …

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Feb 25

Resistance is futile

Elsewhere on these Internets, there was a discussion that came around to the idea of very, very spicy cookies. The original thought was to use them as a trick upon an unsuspecting person, but the more people talked about it, the more I couldn’t help thinking, “Mmmmmm. Sweet. Spicy. Want.” I like my chocolate dark, …

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Feb 24


SAM (talking about school): “Joshua told me that Ms. P. was mean, but she’s not. She’s nice! He just probably never met her.” ME: “Sam, you have the ability to see the best in people. Not everybody does.” SAM: “She really is nice.” ME (hesitant): “You know, some people have trouble seeing that…” SAM: “Yeah, …

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Feb 24


Are you making them tonight? Are you heading to IHOP for their free pancake deal? Are you mystified, not knowing what I’m talking about? 😉 Back in West Virginia, when I was an undergrad, our composition professor was also the choir director at the Episcopal church where Eric and I would eventually be married. We …

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Feb 23

Brain wanderings

What should I make for dinner tonight? Perch! Steak! Pasta, sans meat Pasta with shrimp Chicken legs View Results  Loading … Mind you, with the exception of the pasta (with which I am entirely uncreative and my “planning” involves jarred sauces, occasionally with vegetables added in), I have no specific plans for any of these. …

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Feb 22

Yum, surprise protein.

Eric makes greens that are divine. He braises them in vinegar, uses coriander seeds, mustard, fresh onion…they are heaven. I never enjoyed greens until he taught me to love them, and now I make every effort to enable him to make them as often as possible. Tonight, we had kale. I ordered a large bag …

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Feb 21

Runners: Open Thread

In brief: I was due for a really bad run. But did it have to be this one? In bullet point form: – About 3″ of snow on the ground, drifting unpredictably. – Icy snow blowing hard, making my face feel like it was bleeding and reducing visibility. – Legs that felt tired from the …

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Feb 20

Still glaring at that sky…

…but I don’t think it’s working. They’re now calling for 2-4 inches tonight, 2-4 tomorrow, and another inch tomorrow night. Now, l managed to scare it off last time, but everybody seems to be in agreement that we’re not getting off so lucky this time. Ugh. I suppose that the best of the likely scenarios …

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Feb 19

Fridge full of leftovers

I made just a ton of bean soup yesterday. Misread, you see, and thought the original recipe was telling me to use a bag of beans – not, say, 1 cup of dry beans. A bag has three cups. I thought, therefore, that I was only doubling the recipe when I decided to use two …

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