Monthly Archive: May 2009

May 29

On our walk today

This morning, Gabe and I… …saw a man in antique military uniform setting up a small campsite…in the playground of a private school. Had no idea what that was about. …went to a Farmers’ Market, Gabe in the stroller and doodling in his book all the way. We picked up beets (quite small still, but …

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May 28

Cheering up

Sometimes you make a day better by, um, structuring a bit of unstructured creativity. 😉 I saw these books while I was out with Gabe today, and I immediately decided that it could provide the perfect antidote to the stress of 4 o’clock “progress report” time. (Which wasn’t too bad today. He got all “okay” …

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May 28

Stability, please?

It’s weird; lately, it seems like I’m either in a really good mood or really wiped out. Very few moments of mildness or peace. While I don’t mind feeling super chipper, I think I’d trade a few of those times in exchange for mellowing out some of the other end of the spectrum. Also, I’ve …

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May 27

Wordless Wednesday

May 24

Some people…

Some people go on formal “dates” for anniversaries. Some people do shows, music events, or dinner and a movie. We took the train to Chicago, walked around and shopped (Eric got some Levenger stuff, and I got my squee on at the Vosges store (brick and mortar! Who knew?!), did more window shopping, and ate …

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May 22

Gabe is bizarre

A few days ago, out of the blue and in public, he announced loudly to Sam, “The happiest day of my life was the day Mom and Dad adopted us!” 😯 I corrected him, and now he’s begun announcing that the happiest day “was the day you pushed me out of your uterus!” I’m not …

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May 21

Things today that make me smile

I had a physical exam for updated life insurance this morning. The medical guy came to my house and did his rigmarole. Put the blood pressure cuff around my arm, pumped, listened. Pumped again, listened more. Finally, “…what do you usually read at?!” 😆 (Came in this morning at 95/66, by the way.) Fasting for …

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May 20

3,000 words to say winter’s over in Wisconsin.

  Planted: one Bing Cherry tree, one Bartlett Pear tree. Also, roughly 50 pounds of soil into the flesh of my hands.

May 19

By the way (totally random poll)

A friend is doing an awesome thing for me and, out of the blue, volunteered to take my boys on Saturday so Eric and I could have an anniversary date. I was nearly in tears, seriously; asking for sitting is hard, so when it just lands in my lap, it’s a huge deal. So! What …

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May 19


It’s been keeping me from writing. Yesterday I did everything I could to try to break out of a funk that enveloped me from almost the moment I opened my eyes in the morning; I did my run, I went for a long walk with Gabe (had to pick up my new orthotics at the …

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