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Jul 30


There are no bananas in the house. I feel sort of like Jack Sparrow, wandering around the kitchen, muttering, “Where have the bananas gone?” Into Gabe, that’s where. Grrrr…I do believe that I’ve gotten spoiled; having hot cereal without melted bananas cooked into it feels wrong. But a day without hot cereal?! How can such …

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Jul 29

Why I’m exhausted by the end of each day

This morning, Gabe slept a little later than usual, so I got to wake him for a change. I put my hand on his back, and, without opening his eyes, he said, “…woke me from the bestest dream ever. There was an army of evil alien robots, and they were destroying the Earth, and they …

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Jul 28

Forgot to mention

The funniest, coolest part of my conversation with Dad yesterday was when he was sympathizing with me, and he said, “…and maybe next year you can do the JFK 50, and we can just put you up at the house. We can just drive over to the start for that.” You know, because the most …

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Jul 28

Good and bad

Good: marathon training. Everything is going smoothly so far. Bad: the realization I was finally forced to accept yesterday that it’s just not going to be feasible for all four of us to head back east for the race. As much as I wanted it to be otherwise, it wouldn’t work. Too expensive (by far) …

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Jul 27

In bullet form, yet again

Eric: sick. Sick since Saturday evening, actually, with something that sure is acting like Shigellosis (the illness du jour currently circulating in our county). Once he got past the initial, quite dramatically gross, onset, the fever has been the worst part. He’s at the doctor right now. Kids: kids. This is the last week of …

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Jul 25

Saturday…in the park…

Festival Park, that is, for “Italian Fest” – which is apparently code for “Beer and Overpriced Fair Food.” My cannoli was good, but…meh. Not a heck of a lot of reasons to think about returning in the future. I understand that Milwaukee’s Festa Italiana is much better, but it sounded a little overwhelming for our …

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Jul 23

Them bones, them bones…

Well, crap. I’m having a really crappy (tired, stressed, headachy, grumpy) week, and this afternoon capped it off. Remember when my new/old doctor said I was probably fine, but prescribed a bone density scan, just to be on the safe side? Well, what with my parents’ visit and other business, I hadn’t gotten around to …

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Jul 21

Fun afternoon

We’ve lived here for a little over five years, and we’re still adjusting. When Alysia came through on vacation last fall, she took one look at our town’s primary beach on Lake Michigan and was aghast that we weren’t spending every available minute there; in fact, we truly haven’t availed ourselves of it much at …

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Jul 20

My poor baby

The big one, not the little. 😉 He’s eight, which places him rather firmly out of “baby” territory, of course, but I think somebody forgot to give him the memo – or maybe they didn’t, but he took one look at it, shredded it, and is choosing to pretend that age and time are constructs …

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Jul 17


This has been a day of dragging and lolligagging. I actually hit snooze on my alarm for my run (giving myself a whole four-minute reprieve!), and Sam’s ever-so-slow finishing of his (requested!) oat bran made us head out for the farmers’ market about forty-five minutes after I wanted to leave…putting us out the door just …

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