Aug 19

State of the Kids

Used to be, back when everybody had their own online journals and blogs, we got a lot of stories about our kids, and I know I felt like I “knew” the children of all my online friends better. Of course, most of the kids were smaller then, so it was easier to “know” them; honestly, there’s not all that much variety when it comes to six-month-olds, is there? 😉 But I look back over my old journal postings, and I think I did a more in-depth job of introducing my children back then than I do now, posting in snippets and small conversations. So, just to cover any bases, I thought I might do a quickly-whipped-together survey of who my kids are, as they are, right at this moment.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll do the same thing, on your own site or Facebook or wherever! Many of us have gone to a sort of “radio silence” over the past couple of years, observing a new level of privacy with regards to our offspring, which is totally understandable. Still, I miss reading those old stories. These kids just don’t stop growing, and it’d be good to catch back up, even a little.

…is eight years old this year, and he’s entering third grade.
…still loves vehicles of all kinds, including trains, cars, and planes.
…likes art more than music. (Stab me in the heart, why doesn’t he?! 😉 )
…doesn’t care for the spotlight one bit, and gets horrible stage fright when he has to perform.
…has a quick temper and is prone to saying things he doesn’t mean when angry.
…has a very powerful conscience that makes him feel horrible after erupting.
…likes peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches, cold cereal, granola bars, and pasta with butter and/or cheese. (Carboholic!)
…prefers tenderloin and filet over chicken nuggets.
…is a champion of fairness in all things (especially as it affects him personally, but not only in that regard).
…bites his cuticles, especially when nervous or bored.
…is addicted to television and video games, unfortunately.
…likes shows for “tweens” more than he does cartoons.
…prefers to ride his bike instead of running on foot.
…is not a fan of reading, especially fiction. (Again, twist that knife! Gah!)
…adores nature and the environment, and will freak out about things that harm it, right down to bug killing.
…cries in public, no matter who’s watching.
…loves God.

…is four years old and entering 4K this year.
…is a whirlwind of activity, almost all the time.
…never, ever, ever stops talking.
…loves Legos and building.
…is highly prone to sarcasm.
…enjoys drawing, and mainly creates spidery little doodles of robots or vehicles that look like hieroglyphics.
…is capable of screaming down a crowded building if irritated.
…is still working on the whole “empathy” thing.
…is terrified of rides, water, pedaling a bike – anything where he doesn’t feel 100% in control of his body.
…likes chicken nuggets, crackers, pizza, and bacon.
…still hates chocolate, but is over the whole “sweets are yucky” phase.
…is still trying to work out how he can marry me someday, though he did switch affections this summer to his playground leader.
…is a charmer with other adults and a hellion at home.

Look what we found!


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  1. Jennifer


    I have been reading your blog, well, actually the first journal form since before Sam. I am so happy you posted this.
    I have been thinking about starting a blog myself. I wrestle with that thought because of the fact that sometimes my only form of entertainment is my kids. I’ve realized lately that it seems to have become passe to speak of one’s kids “too much.” And, while I realize I wouldn’t have loads of readers,I wondered if the ones that I did have would think me erring for speaking often of my kids. After reading this… I care less. Thank you.

  2. Andrea_R

    Excellent idea, Carrie. 🙂

    I really need to do this. Like I don’t even know how many people don’t realize I’m down to only two kids in the house. Two!

  3. kathy

    You know, Carrie–that was how my comment started, but I ended up writing and backspacing over what ought to just be my own journal entry. Thank you for this, though. It really made my brain start spinning.

    And I am absolutely floored in this moment by what good, good mamas my friends are. I think I love reading about your kids so much because of how much you obviously love them, even when they’re hurting you. And I love that you tell us about the bad stuff, too–everyone feels that way; we’re all human, but it takes guts to admit it to the world.

  4. Lili

    My son has asked me directly not to write about him anymore. I’m not happy about it, but feel like I should respect his wishes.

    I still write about my daughter, but the whole “nobody’s reading so why bother updating” thing is quite the vicious cycle these days.

  5. Carrie

    Sam will hit that point, too, I think, Lili. Right now, he’s okay with it, and I make sure he’s aware that I *do* write about him. Gabe actively requests that I write about him and put up pictures of him. 😉

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