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Sep 30

Picture pages

Also, (and I really hope this works!), here are some portraits we had done as a gift for Eric’s birthday.

Sep 30


Sitting here wearing (from inside outward) a camisole, a long-sleeved thermal shirt, and a frigging fake fur-lined coat…inside. Holding a mug of hot coffee in both hands, as though I’m about to dive into it. I am such a wimp over cold weather, which makes my residence in Wisconsin a bit of a strange thing. …

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Sep 28

Flitty thoughts

In list form! What’s the term for when you’re doing something, and then you see a gazillion people around you doing the same thing? It’s bizarre how when I’m biking I see bikers, and when I’m running I see runners. Why are there a billion babies around all of a sudden? Was there a boom …

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Sep 26

Lived through it

Twenty-three miles later, and I’m still upright. 😉 Seriously, that was the longest I’ve run, other than the marathon itself back in May, so it feels good to know it wasn’t a fluke: my legs really can go that long and that far. Probably could have gone another three miles today without issue, though I …

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Sep 25

Still still sick.

Ugh! Get better, body! We don’t have time for this! 👿 At least it doesn’t seem to impair my running; The runs I’ve done while sick, including the short one this morning, have felt okay. Especially since they’ve moved the rain forecast for tomorrow until later in the day, I feel cautiously optimistic about the …

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Sep 24

Still sick

So no typing. Here’s a video instead. [kaltura-widget wid=”q2ljbxmd34″ width=”410″ height=”364″ type=”grey” addPermission=”3″ editPermission=”3″ /]

Sep 23


Wheeee, a cold. Gabe got me. It’s been a while since I’ve really had one, or at least one that’s been more than a vague sense of “not well” that lasted more than a day, so I suppose my luck ran out. Nice timing. When not medicated, as I currently am, my throat is sore, …

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Sep 21


There are dark clouds hanging low in the sky. It’s not supposed to rain anymore (it did yesterday, and it might again tomorrow), but it feels like it should, in more ways than just appearance. The part of my brain that demands chaos, action, SOMETHING, is wanting those clouds to split open and fill the …

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Sep 20

Closer and closer

Starting Week 13 of this marathon training cycle; only about four weeks to race day. A 23-mile run is scheduled for this Saturday (ought to be fun; they’re predicting rain 🙄 ), and then (weekend long runs only) a 12, a 14, a 10, and then…there we are. I really, really ought to figure out …

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Sep 18

Busy busy

I have a dentist appointment this morning, in order to put a permanent crown on the tooth they fixed a couple weeks ago. Hopefully, hopefully, this will be the last of the dental work for a while. As I told Mom last night, I like my dentist, but I’d really like the opportunity to do …

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