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Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

We’ll actually have Trick-or-Treat on October 31st this year, miracle of miracles. 🙂 I could wish for a nicer night; it’s gray and dark and freezing out there. Still both boys have costumes that are amenable to layering underneath, so it’ll be okay. Gabe’s birthday party last night went very well. We had it at …

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Oct 29


Race recovery is going well. It’s a help and a hindrance that the kids are off school a few days this week; I can’t really run during the day with them, so I’m necessarily limited to running before Eric goes to work…and I’ve gotten spoiled about not running with a flashlight. 😉 But most of …

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Oct 27

Video from the Expo!

Chris took this video at the Expo the night before the marathon! “Three-fifty!” Wow, innocence. 😉

Oct 27

Race Report: Marine Corps Marathon

Oh. My. Where do I start?! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 25th, and in return, the Marine Corps Marathon chewed me up and spat me on the ground. I had very high hopes for the race. It was a gorgeous day! I had met up the night before at the Expo …

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Oct 23

Countdown to departure…

I’m pretty well packed, except for the few things I’ll need in the morning, and those are already sitting in a plastic Ziploc, ready to be stashed in my carry-on bag. The airport taxi is picking me up really early tomorrow morning; there didn’t seem much value in forcing the kids to get up at …

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Oct 21


It was my birthday. I’m now 34 years old. Gabe got me a teddy bear, Eric got me some smelly bath stuff, and my folks got me some running gear and some PJ pants. I had sushi for lunch with Eric. All told, I could handle more birthdays like this one. Four more days…

Oct 20

This will be of no interest to 99% of you.

I’m awful with details. I’m a bad flyer, too, and in my likely state of freak-out as I take off on Saturday, it will be a very good idea to have nothing left up in the air that I could forget. I’m making my list now. Feel free to skip. Read more… or Read more …

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Oct 19

One Whole Hand, redux

And so, yet again, the earth and time has illustrated to me the mysterious way in which, seemingly in the blink of an eye, this: …can whirl around, lickety-split, and turn into this: Of course, on the one hand, those five years themselves don’t feel as though they’ve flown by. Five years in a place …

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Oct 17

Oh, YAY!

Sam has a book report due on Monday! Which I didn’t know! And he hadn’t even chosen a book! Whee! 🙄

Oct 16


I went out to buy birthday party invitations before getting Gabe from preschool this afternoon. I had thought to go to Walmart, but since I was a little later than I planned, I went to the nearer Walgreens instead. Good thing. I would have been there as it was happening. You know, what with things …

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