Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 30

And we’re back

First, a few gratuitous photos.    More up at Flickr. The kids are now back at school, and we’ll try to get back into a groove before Christmas holidays hit and derail everything again. 😉 We put up the tree tonight, which went much faster than in years past, now that Gabe is old enough …

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Nov 26

Race Report: Smoke the Turkey 5K

Good friends run with you. Very good friends go running with you even when they aren’t runners and, in fact, hate running. 😉 When I told Alysia I was coming to visit, and I asked how far away a particular Thanksgiving Day 5K was from her place, I was gobsmacked when she told me to …

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Nov 24

In Michigan!

Too much fun going on to write much, but while we’re breathing for a moment, I wanted to step in and say that we made it here to Alysia’s, and all is well. The kids are as thick as thieves, good food from Eric is in the offing, and…just…it’s what I needed. So much.

Nov 20

Addendum to the day

I’m still president of the “Vote NO on Issue Carrie” lobby group, but there is this to make me feel better: we’re going to visit Alysia. 😀 And she’s even humoring me by doing a Thanksgiving Day 5K with me, even though she’s not a runner. That, plus the look on Sam’s face when I …

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Nov 20

Mad at myself

I’m mad at myself for keeping a messy house. For taking both sets of keys last night instead of leaving one for Eric, through which stupidity I wound up having to leave and miss most of the PTA meeting. For being stupid this morning with Eric, causing tension and unhappiness. For the run that wasn’t …

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Nov 18


Jeez, what the heck?! I just finished what was a fairly typical meal for me: leftover stew in an acorn squash. Not a huge helping of stew, due to the smallish size of the squash, either. But for some reason, I now feel very Violet Beauregard, post-gum-incident. Oof! What on earth?! Can an individual squash …

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Nov 17

Just so you know

…totally equals… And now the amusing part is that he knows it. He loves the comic. Guess who’s getting a stuffed tiger for Christmas? 😉

Nov 16


Yelled, in frustration over a math worksheet: “MOM! In math class, we don’t always have to get the right answer!” (…”but in the new approach, as you know, the important thing is to understand what you’re doing rather than to get the right answer.”)

Nov 15

Post-race blues

Or something. I don’t know that my funk is definitively related to the whole post-race letdown, or whether it’s the time change, or something else entirely, but I have noticed subconscious tendencies to try to self-medicate with sugar, which…well, it’s about as effective as you might imagine, after the initial hit. Blargh. Honestly, I did …

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Nov 11

Milestone for Sam

[kaltura-widget wid=”a8smj2er88″ width=”410″ height=”364″ type=”grey” addPermission=”3″ editPermission=”3″ /] …and then we had practice time, and all I can say is that the first few times he has to use it, I hope he’s wearing a warm coat, since he’ll likely be standing in the driveway for a while. 😉

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