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Jan 29

Looking on the bright side!

There are plenty of people in this world who don’t have indoor plumbing at all! I should be grateful just to have a toilet, even if it does overflow and flood the bathroom every time I flush, and it’s Friday evening, and all the plumbers in the city will be billing time and a half…

Jan 29

I think it’s Thursdays

SO grumpy yesterday, but I think a big chunk of it was that Thursdays just stick out like a sore thumb for me. Gabe’s not in school, sometimes I have MOPS but sometimes I don’t, it’s a no-running day…I just never have any sort of habitual expectations for the day, so I feel off-balance. Literally, …

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Jan 28

When Mama ain’t happy…

Boy, whoever coined that phrase wasn’t kidding. Today, I’m battling a headache and some general grumpitude, and so I went and scheduled both kids for dental checkups. To be fair, they’re due for them, anyway, but for some reason, my current mindset prepared me to remember to make the arrangements. Remembering Gabe’s last visit, I …

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Jan 25

Convos with the kids

SAM: ::pant, pant, pant:: ME: “Hi, Sam. How was school?” SAM: ::pant, pant!:: “Water!” ME: “Sink. What’s going on?” SAM: ::pant, pant; glug, glug:: “Running!” ME: “Why were you running?” SAM: “I…heard…a noise! It went fzzzzzzz-chunk!” ME: “What do you think it could have been?” SAM: “I don’t know! Maybe a ghost knocking over something, …

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Jan 25


I’ve been thinking lately about doing and trying new things. This morning, while on a typical, not new in any way, run, I got chased by a dog for the very first time. That wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind. 🙄 (It was actually a little white, fluffy, yappy dog, tearing off its porch …

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Jan 21

Jumpin’ Jack Flash!

Fact: on MOPS mornings, I don’t ordinarily have coffee, since I know I’ll have coffee there. Fact: I don’t ordinarily eat breakfast those mornings, either, since ditto. Fact: I can’t cook without caffeine of some sort in my system. Fact: I was on tap for a “hot dish” for this morning’s meeting. Results: I had …

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Jan 19

Oh, ugh

Eric switched his weekly Scrabble game around to last night so that he could do a Build-It night tonight with Sam for the Scouts Derby. Unfortunately, that went into limbo when he came up unexpectedly early from the Scrabble game and, um, “scrabbled” up the stairs with a bowl in his arms, at the ready. …

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Jan 18


Eric says I should update more, that he liked it in December when I update frequently. Well, okay, then! Sam had no school today, but Gabe did, which posed an interesting situation. Sam is old enough that I could have been comfortable leaving him in the house (with the internet access disabled, of course) without …

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Jan 16

Sleepy Saturday

Jan 15

You know you want my sexy life

Hop out of bed at 6 AM; the husband has an early meeting, so breakfast has to be prompt. Throw the oats into the boiling water, and start the coffee maker – a big pot, to accommodate this morning’s mugs and a thermos for him to take to work. At 6:30, call husband out of …

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