Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 27

Phone frustrations

Apparently, cell phone batteries aren’t meant to be immortal. I suppose I knew that, but I don’t like signs of weakness, even (especially?) in technology. The past several days, though, I begin the day with a fully-charged phone and end it with a “Your phone’s battery is dangerously low!” message. (“Dangerously?” As though something extremely …

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Feb 25


We went back to the dentist today. Sam cooperated. Gabe…did no handstands, I’ll give him that. Sadly, that’s the only credit he can get for the visit, aside from not actually screaming in the dentist’s face that he hated him or wished him violence. It did end in the hygienist and I restraining Gabe’s flailing …

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Feb 24

Yeah, yeah, I’m here

Workin’ on somethin’. 😉 It’s a little consuming, but it’s almost done, at which point, I’ll be happy to share with the class. At the moment, though, I’ve got to wrap that up, do a quick look-over Sam’s homework with him (which appears to be mostly stuff due next week, thank goodness), and take the …

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Feb 22

What the Runner Saw: Episode One

Well, lookee there. A podcast! It’ll be running-oriented, mostly circulating around the things I see on my runs. Since I have a knack for “discovering” weirdness on the run (see: gas station holdups, drunk people cat-calling, dogs off-leash, mysterious signs on telephone poles, etc.), I contemplated attaching a video camera to my running hats to …

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Feb 21

Quiet Sunday afternoon

I took an “unscheduled” rest day from running (“unscheduled” because I haven’t started my formal training plan for Devil’s Lake yet); I’ve been very slowly amping up the mileage for the past several weeks, for no particular reason except that I felt like it, and after kissing fifty miles per week for the past three, …

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Feb 18

My head pain (video)

(If you’re seeing this through a feed, odds are you’ll need to click through to see it.)

Feb 16


Valentine’s Day was awesome. Eric did himself proud! I was in culinary heaven from beginning to end. Now I’m all sad, because he’s away for the week for work; after this, we’ll have him home for one week, and then he’ll go away again for yet another week. It’s easier to weather these trips now …

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Feb 14

Yesterday was AWESOME

Okay, first I ran just under thirteen miles with running club, the first five of which I did with a very fast runner who (lucky for me, not for him) was recovering from surgeries, so I could keep up. (Until he challenged me to a sprint up a hill. 😯 ) Then coffee, with lots …

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Feb 11

I’m running low.

Low on me. I feel snappish, impatient, unkind, tense. I resent the effort it takes to do almost everything. I’m tired. In trying to remedy this, I’m using entirely wrong methods – junk food, caffeine, quick fixes that leave me feeling worse, and that make even the things that do help me (running, yoga) less …

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Feb 09

Scattered mind

Last night I dreamed I went to Thailand, just to pick up a form for something school-related. I had a few high school friends with me, until sea lions in our hotel pool began eating them. (This is what I get for trying to switch up yoga routines. My dreams are just as vivid, but …

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