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Apr 30


Was gorgeous and warm this morning – upper 60s into the lower 70s, beautiful sun, a nice breeze. I decided, on the spur of the moment, to go for a bike ride instead of heading right to the gym after dropping Gabe off at school. Of course, as it was the first bike ride of …

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Apr 28

WtRS Episode 9: Rational or Irr?

When the film heroine creaks up the stairs to the cobwebbed room with the bloodstains on the door, it’s a safe bet her fears are grounded. Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of life was so obvious? Thanks to Yang-May (Fusion View) and Douglas (OasisDouglas) for their contributions. Music on the show comes from …

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Apr 28


Oh, my independent 5-year-old. It’s “Wacky Day” at preschool today, and they’re supposed to dress the role, but he firmly brushed away all my suggestions and disappeared upstairs to come up with his own ensemble. A moment ago, he hollered down, “Does ‘wacky’ mean ‘old’ or ‘silly’?” (He just now came down, dressed in a …

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Apr 26

A running update

Twenty days to Green Bay; seventy-five to Devil’s Lake. So far, training has been going really well; I haven’t had to miss any planned runs, and all systems are working in order. I know there’s still a ways to go, in which anything at all could happen, but I’m feeling optimistic. Almost hit a snag …

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Apr 24

And that’s not even talking about financial aid…

I’m reading Getting In right now, and it’s a really good read. It’s also making my stomach hurt. See, it wasn’t that long ago that I was panicking and frantically searching for hoops through which to jump in order to make sure Sam got into the “right” elementary school, whether it have been magnet, charter, …

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Apr 23


ME: “Do you like green beans?” GABE: “Maybe I’ll have some tomorrow. They’re so last year.” I’m roasting everything tonight. Honestly, I just looked at my vegetable drawers, realized that not only couldn’t I decide between them, but that some of them were approaching the “use or lose” time, and opted for mass chopping, oiling, …

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Apr 21

WtRS Episode 8: Questions?

I keep on training, and for everything I think I grasp, more questions arise! Thanks to Jeni and Brian (RushRunner) for their contributions. Music on the show comes from the Podsafe Music Network. Tracks used were: 42 shades of grey – State Unsteady Tourist – High Speed You can subscribe through iTunes or download the …

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Apr 20

Wheat Meat

Seitan. According to Kevin on Top Chef, nobody likes it, and it’s the yuck. Of course, he also said that it was fermented pressed soybeans, so I’ll take that with a grain of salt. As of the beginning of drafting this entry, I was in the process of making my first batch of it, even …

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Apr 16

More Gabe

It was such a lovely day that I decided to walk to Gabe’s school with the jogging stroller at the end of the day, then walk home with him. He enjoyed it, too. 🙂 Lately, he’s been very interested in houses and the buying of such, so we discussed the houses we passed. GABE: “Are …

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Apr 14


GABE: “Mom, can we ever buy a new house? The one we have has too many cracks in it.” ME: “Yeah, I know what you mean, especially right by your bed. How do you suppose that happened?” GABE (suddenly very quiet): “I shouldn’t have brought that up…” 😆

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