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Jun 30

Confessions of a StupidShopper

I have a confession to make. Some people I know are really, really “good” at shopping. They can – and do! – use coupons. They can calculate unit prices in their heads, and they can recall from memory what a reasonable unit price for any particular item might be. They can keep a running tally …

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Jun 29


So yesterday Eric took the day off from work, and after we dropped the kids off at summer school, we had a lovely morning over coffee. Then he needed to pick up new glasses, and I went to get the kids while he handled that. We got back to the house around 12:30. And found …

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Jun 27

The aftermath

(Pictures stolen from Rachel, as I warned her I would do!) So, we ran a really, really long way yesterday. More to the point, we ran it on the Ice Age Trail, involving over 8,000 feet of climbing. It was incredible, and incredibly intense. Highlights, and lowlights, included: Horseflies all over the gosh-darn place, despite …

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Jun 25

Always look on the bright side of life

If it’s raining on Saturday when we’re running 26-28 miles, it shouldn’t be too sticky-steamy (probably). If it’s thundering, it’ll add to the excitement. In the same vein, suddenly slipping down hills on impromptu mudslides should also add a bit of mystery to each next step. On the other hand, keeping our footing should keep …

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Jun 24

WtRS Episode 16: Gooses, Geeses

Everything from feathered “friends” to the oldest profession. Tracks used were: 42 shades of grey – State Unsteady Sender – Out There You can subscribe through iTunes or download the show here (mp3 version). Voicemails are always welcomed at 206-424-0426, or you can email or leave a comment!

Jun 23


Several weeks ago, Eric turned off the van and heard a long, loud gurgle from the air conditioning. We haven’t had air since then. Today, I had an estimate done for repair. $$$ A few weeks ago, while playing outside at a wedding reception, Gabe decided it would be a grand idea to pitch rocks …

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Jun 21

Oh, Sam…

Sam is, unfortunately, a little shy when it comes to dealing with adults in certain situations – a waiter asking him what he wants, a stranger asking him how he’s doing in school. He freezes a little, and if he can get the answer out, it’s often very quiet and sort of choked. This is …

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Jun 20

Race Report: 2010 Lighthouse Run

More of a “race” report, really. 😉 I went into the race knowing I didn’t want to deplete myself, and that my knee really needed a very low-key training run. Also, the temperature was around 75 degrees at the start, and it was very humid due to storms the day before. (Evidence: our neighbor’s tree.) …

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Jun 20

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, Eric. 🙂 This morning, we gave you breakfast in bed, prepared by Gabe and me, and a colorful card that Sam made himself. (GABE: “Dad, did you like my card? Sam did most of the work, but I wrote my name.“) We’re all a bit beaten and exhausted from Sam’s birthday trip …

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Jun 16

One more sleep…

…and I’ll have a nine-year-old boy. I find that hard to believe. Somebody’s pulling a practical joke, or else it’s all been a dream, à la Newhart, and I’m about to wake up next to a nursling. “Honey, you won’t believe the dream I just had. Now, can you burp this baby for me, so …

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