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Jul 30

Been workin’

So with both boys being in school next year, Eric and I figured that they needed a more “official” work area. As it currently stands, Sam’s desk is in the living room, spending most of its existence covered in stuff. He’s done his homework, for the most part, at a lap desk on the landing …

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Jul 28

Board Game Success

Ticket to Ride is a very, very fun game. And I’m not just saying that because I won. (Or because I split a bottle of Lambrusco Rossi with Eric. Yum.)

Jul 27

Good(?) morning

I swear, I’m just going to get them both literal sets of antlers to strap onto their foreheads. CLASH CRASH SNORT BELLOW. Oh, testosterone, how you fill my days with sparkle. Found out yesterday that Gabe got assigned to what’s been reported to me as the “easier” of the two kindergarten classes. Not that they …

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Jul 26

I fear for the future

Exact question on one of the forms for registering in schools here: “What was the first language your son/daughter learned? No______ Yes________ (Name language)” I’m not slamming my head into my desk only because somebody better be around to counterbalance this sort of thing in the world my kids inhabit.

Jul 24

WtRS Episode 20: Split Open and Melt

I volunteered at a half-Ironman, watching the runners dissolve into puddles of salt, and then I did some sweating of my own. Good ol’ summertime. Thanks to JayDub (BHAG Running) for his contributions. Music on the show comes from the Podsafe Music Network. Tracks used were: 42 shades of grey – State Unsteady Ari Shine …

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Jul 23

Where was I?

That was unexpected. Didn’t mean to take a blog break, but there you have it. Everything here is…going. Nothing wild, nothing wonderful, nothing much new. I did volunteer at a local half-Ironman triathlon last weekend, which was a lot of fun. 🙂 I handed out sports drink at an aid station along the run route …

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Jul 16

To be expected

Both boys were fightingbickeringscreamingyellingpunching at each other most of the morning and into the afternoon, despite repeated interventions on my part. Well, it’s hot, and the heat has had them not sleeping so well, and Fridays are the only weekday where they don’t have activities to keep them structured and organized. Left to their own …

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Jul 15

Darn scheduling

Just a quick note, with a grumble in the general direction of The Powers That Be at Eric’s job for not having concrete plans for the travel they’ll assign him this fall. 😉 (Sheesh, people; fall is right around the corner!) I will either be running the Haunted Hustle or the Rails to Trails marathon, …

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Jul 13

WtRS Episode 19: Dances with Dirt Devil’s Lake 50K

The race is over! Here’s my tale. Also, a bonus lesson to learn: don’t try to go trespassing on your own if you don’t see any little pink DWD ribbons… Thanks to Ted (You Don’t Have to Run Alone), Jake (Run Like Health), Steven (The Devoted Runner), and a female listener who didn’t leave her …

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Jul 10

Race Report: Dances with Dirt Devil’s Lake 50K

This can’t work like a normal, blow-by-blow race report like I’ve written in the past; it was just too long, and too much went on to try to tell the story from beginning to end. I was so exhausted by the end of it that the details were fleeting even then, so I’ll try to …

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