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Aug 27

How’s *your* morning going?

“Mommy? I sort of…I spilled some…I’m sorry.” Gabe loves salt. This morning, trying to go behind my back and steal a pinch to eat, he managed to spill the entire salt cellar (thankfully a small one) all over the kitchen floor. He tried to clean it up, futilely, before finally breaking down, finding me and …

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Aug 26

Clinical details

Dad has a serious infection in his kidneys. He also has a kidney stone; initially, the doctor said it would be the least of their worries, but that wasn’t true, since the urologist found that the stone is causing blockage from the kidneys and preventing the infection from being successfully treated by his antibiotics. After …

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Aug 25

In hindsight

When I was a teenager, my goal was to Get Out of Dodge. I wanted to graduate and leave my hometown, which felt claustrophobic and slow to me; the world was waiting, and I wanted to see it all. And so I went as far as I was allowed, about two hours away. And then …

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Aug 24


I forgot to mention this from about a week ago. We stayed at a hotel in town for a couple of days during the worst of the heat wave, and while we were there, we did some lovely relaxing in the pool. At one point, I had to go out to the hotel lobby from …

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Aug 23

Wiped already?

We had a good weekend in these parts. 🙂 Saturday started out a little exhausting, with a 17-miler that left me feeling somewhat drained (I started out strong, but as the warmth and humidity rose, I slowed, even having to take a brief walk break when my heart rate suddenly decided to spike and make …

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Aug 18

WtRS Episode 21: Family Ramblings

Back, after technical issues! My parents are in for a visit, and then I chat with my boys. Thanks to Lisa, James, and Dorothy for their contributions. Music on the show comes from the Podsafe Music Network. Tracks used were: 42 shades of grey – State Unsteady Anthony Rankin – Moving Forward You can subscribe …

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Aug 18


Trying to talk with Gabe about fitness. ME: “Gabe, why do I run?” GABE: “Because you do races.” ME: “Okay, that’s true. But why do I do races?” GABE: “Because you’ve signed up for them.” We had a nice chat about why one would intentionally sweat and work one’s body, as I pointed out to …

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Aug 16

Recent Gabe-isms

SAM: “Mom! Gabe’s just going to stand there bugging me!” GABE: “That’s not true! I’m sitting!” GABE (to Eric): “I love you more than ten megapixels.” ME (hearing a noise): “Who’s in the kitchen?” GABE (from the kitchen): “Nobody.”

Aug 15

Deserving of its own post

Eric’s dad remarried today. 🙂

Aug 15


From Lifehacker, “Top 10 Ways Your Brain is Sabotaging You“: You let negative feelings about putting off tasks prevent actual work. For example, if I feel guilt for not updating, it makes me not look forward to updating, and I’m trapped. Or else it’s just that there’s so, so much to talk about… 😉 Mom …

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