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Sep 28

Never underestimate flashy lights

Had a Scouting pack meeting tonight. We’ve been sort of up in the air over it, since Sam’s den leader stepped down after last year; there wasn’t room for the kids in Sam’s den to be absorbed into the other dens, so we didn’t know what was going to happen. With Eric in Mexico every …

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Sep 27

Crappity crap

I told you so. Well, I didn’t tell you so, I don’t think, but I predicted it, both to the man on the phone and then over on Facebook. Our kitchen light, part of a ceiling fan, was flickering madly and making a…sizzling…sound when we turned it on. The guy on the phone, with the …

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Sep 23

Amazed by my kids

Sam greeted me this afternoon with the announcement that he needs to write a speech tonight, since he’s running for Student Council. I have high hopes for him, as I think he’d do a good job, but Sam and speeches don’t always go together…and he didn’t really give himself much time to get confident with …

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Sep 20

Warm fuzzies for the evening

I made a lentil dish in the crockpot, with spinach, mushrooms, and eggplant. It’s about as autumnal as it gets, and it was yummy. (Could have been spicier, though.) Also, I baked dark chocolate brownies with butterscotch chips. Those, for the most part, are going to a cookie walk for the PTA at the kids’ …

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Sep 18

Pride goeth before a fall

You know, there is nothing quite like Bible study with the kids to make me feel complete and utter humility. I had finally reached the point, after several years with their Wednesday night class, where I thought I was fairly well caught up with all the history and stories I’d either missed or forgotten over …

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Sep 13

Here we go again!

Another week, on its way. (And my mind chants, “Round and round the circle goes the teddy bear,” despite it having been years since I had a small child who would giggle in squirmy anticipation of being tickled at the end of the song.) I’m chugging coffee this morning; even though I slept relatively well, …

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Sep 10

WtRS Episode 23: I Love to Go A-Wandering

I may just call Fridays “exploring days.” Lots of new places to go and things to see! Thanks to Rick, Frank, and Dan (Running the Golden Years) for their contributions. Music on the show comes from the Podsafe Music Network. Tracks used were: 42 shades of grey – State Unsteady Matthew Abel – Trees You …

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Sep 09

Another day, another tear

He sniffled all the way to the bus stop today. Yesterday, I used a marker to draw a little heart on the inside of his wrist, telling him he could look at it whenever he felt like he missed me, and today he begged for it to be re-inked, desperation in his voice. I waved …

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Sep 08

Still adjusting

Gabe “only” cried four times at school yesterday, he says. 🙁 Sheesh, this is killing me. I never saw this coming – not from my kid who pranced into preschool without a concern beyond whether it would be “any fun” if he had to be nice to everybody. Admittedly, he’s the one of my boys …

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Sep 03


“Mommy? There’s something weird. I think I might have allergies to my new school, because when I get there, I cry, and I don’t know why! I also cry at lunch. It might be because I’m missing you, and I’m allergic to missing you.” 😥 But he seems to be adjusting otherwise, at least. He …

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