Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 31

Race Report: Haunted Hustle Marathon

Here’s the super-short version of yesterday’s race: 1) Pretty! 2) OW-OW-OW! 3) Pretty again, but now too tired to appreciate. Now for the longer version. 🙂 I went up on Friday with the family to hit the expo and get my race bib. My local friend Anna was also running the race – her first …

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Oct 28

Some mornings

It turns out that the boy who was so concerned about fire safety and escape plans and dangerous, dangerous Christmas tree lights was also the kid who considered it a good idea to warm up his bathrobe by turning on the iron and leaving it resting on top while he showered. “I’m sorry; I didn’t …

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Oct 26


Okay, I’m back, in one piece. We did our stint in the basement, and by the time we came back up, the rain had stopped and I had time to whip together a couple of lunches and hustle the kids to their bus. Then I ran! In the wind! I swear, I got more honks …

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Oct 26

It’s pouring out there

As a rule, I don’t like combining negative elements during runs, as I’ve mentioned before. Today, we’ve got badly gusting winds, lightning, and pouring rain, and since the rain’s supposed to let up in a few hours, I think I’ll postpone my run until then. After all, the marathon is this weekend; no sense in …

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Oct 21

Birthday week

So, six years ago today, I had a birthday with a newborn in my arms. Today, the newborn is somewhat different. (For that matter, as am I.) But the next to last week of October has been established, therefore, as Birthday Week for 50% of this household, the days of our birth being a mere …

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Oct 14

Been a long week

And I can tell it’s been long when I hear myself telling Sam, “See? Doing homework is good! You get to watch cartoons! Because I will always supplement your work with cartoons where it applies!” (This, after using “Pixie and Dixie” to illustrate proper and improper ways to make nouns plural. “Meeces.” Heh! 😆 ) …

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Oct 12


It’s hard, having a “late” marathon (as compared to most of the runners I know). On the positive side, I know it was for the best, and that I wouldn’t have been as prepared or felt as good physically (or mentally!) had I registered for a marathon earlier in the season following Devil’s Lake. The …

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Oct 07


Go ahead. Ask! All day, since about 8:00 AM, there has been chaos in my kitchen. Holes everywhere. Dust everywhere. An electrician, uttering such spine-tingling phrases as “Oh, my God,” “Whoa!” and “Man, there’s another one!” By the time he was “finished” (ooh, foreshadowing with punctuation), every last nerve in my body felt positively wrung …

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Oct 05

WtRS Episode 24: Embrace the Journey

Wrapping my head around a new concept: this is supposed to be fun! Thanks to Stuart (Quadrathon) and Ted (You Don’t Have to Run Alone) for their contributions. Music on the show comes from the Podsafe Music Network. Tracks used were: 42 shades of grey – State Unsteady Luma – Never To Be Seen You …

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Oct 03

Fall sickie

We don’t often get the dramatic illnesses around here, but when we do – “I’m sick! I feel the worst I’ve ever felt in my whole life! This is worse than when I used to take naps, and I threw up in my bed! Do you remember that?! THIS IS WORSE!” Gabe was sick on …

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