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Nov 30

Reasons why yesterday stunk

We were no longer with our best friends. 🙁 Had to go get a screaming-in-pain belly-aching Gabe from school, where his deafening cries had everyone in a tizzy.  (And stopped at the drugstore for a just-in-case antinausea prescription for him, where he terrified those folks, as well.) Got home…and he was fine to the point …

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Nov 25

Happy Thanksgiving

For toes that healed enough to let me run. For lungs and heart that held their fitness while the toes were healing. For best friends who not only welcome you into their homes and family celebrations, but will run with you after a late night of partying and wildness. For partying and wildness and bad …

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Nov 22


Met with the kids’ teachers today. Gabe was about where I expected; he’s on par for all his skills, and the only concern his teacher had was that he has a very short fuse. (Well, duh.) But on the positive side, he does not lash out at other kids; he just visibly fumes until he …

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Nov 21


Got the boys haircuts today. They needed them badly. Gabe’s neck and head are bizarre; even combing though his hair causes his skin to get blotchy and red. He gets that from me, of course; I give all the “fun” stuff, hereditarily. Good thing they get their brains from their father. 🙂 Then we went …

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Nov 20

Coming back

My toes hurt.  I had the ingrown toenails removed on Tuesday, and I’m still recovering.  No running yet, which really sucks, especially right now when I could very much use a long, long one. (I know. It doesn’t explain anything.  But it’s something.)

Nov 16

Just a note to say I’m still here

..and if I could talk, I would.

Nov 08

Daylight Savings, plus Hot Chocolate Race 15K Report

Thing is, I don’t care if it gets dark early. I’ve definitely become a morning person over the past few years, and I tire out fairly early anyway, whether it’s dark or not. I like having the option to hit the hay early without worrying about sunlight remnants bugging me, and I like having a …

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Nov 05

Distractions sometimes “help”

So, Gabe decided, apparently, that my worries lacked a ruling focus last night – too many directions, too little prioritization happening. That decided, he opted to “help” me prioritize my worries in a most dramatic fashion. 😯 The vomiting continued until his normal bedtime, when he decided he was quite ready to sleep; I lay …

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Nov 04


Worried about Eric. He comes back from Mexico (again) tomorrow, but I’ve spent the week worrying about him, and I won’t stop until he’s where I can see and hold him again. Worried about Sam. He’s such a smart kid, but he’s battling the same stuff I did all through my early schooling years, and …

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Nov 03


Went out for my first run post-marathon this morning. It’s all drizzly and grey out there, but sometimes that’s just what the soul needs – sort of an external catharsis. Let nature vent so you don’t have to, you know? 🙂 I’ve got quite a bit of stuff going on behind the scenes that is …

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