Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 31

It was the best of times…

January was about winter illnesses, board games and yoga, and trying to keep warm. February was about doldrums, which I seem to have dealt with by drinking lots of coffee and eating good food, much of which was prepared by my husband’s loving hands. In March, Eric went to Germany, and I started training for …

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Dec 30

Finishing out the year

Tomorrow, the last day of 2010, I have a race, which I’ll likely be running in the rain. It’s okay; I went back over all my old race reports, and as best as I can tell, I don’t think I’ve ever raced in the rain before. I’m due. 😉 It’s the Run Into the New …

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Dec 28

In the hour before sleep

Not too terribly upset, in fact; it’s not that I needed to vent Wasn’t a bad day. Not spectacularly hard in any real way Most days aren’t, I guess. No huge screaming fits, brawls, blows Just a steady flow Of energy.  Out it goes, patching leaks, filling empty, hungry spots Until there’s not much left.  …

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Dec 26

Sputtering to a halt

You know, today had every sign of being a good day at the outset. Woke up to a ton of beautiful snow everywhere, stayed in pajamas well into the middle of the day, played on the new Xbox until we were laughing ourselves silly, went and had a good lunch…and then things started to collapse …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a very merry Christmas around here. 🙂 After opening presents, Eric made a bunch of eggs, bacon, and hominy; then, when things were dying down, I put on my new running jacket (in purple!) and went out for a seven-miler. My stomach gave me issues, being full of candy and kringle, but it …

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Dec 24

Reasons why today was better than yesterday

I had a nice run with my running club. Gabe, though continuing to feel intermittently nauseated, never threw up, and he felt well enough to go out with me as my lunch date. 🙂 Both boys went to bed without much argument at all, eager to be asleep before Santa gets here. The presents all …

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Dec 23

Let me tell you about my day

So it was the company potluck/party for Eric today, and he’d asked me to join up with the gang for the second half, where they go to neighborhood bars and celebrate the end of the year. I tried a while back to get a sitter, but the new one I asked never called me back, …

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Dec 22

Broken by the break

Oof. I was optimistic, at least a little, when the first kid awake, Gabe, wasn’t up until almost 8:30 this morning. “Ah,” I thought, “we’re off to a relaxed start for holiday break.” That lasted about ten minutes. After that, we were off to the races, if the racers were Labrador puppies on speed and …

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Dec 21


So…very…tired tonight. Truthfully, I’ve been exhausted since my run this morning; most runs give me extra energy, but this one sapped it from me, likely sucking it out through the soles of my shoes as they splashed through inches of freezing slush. That was my choice, though; I opted for the slushy road shoulders over …

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Dec 20

Poor Eric

Sam has a Scouts meeting tonight. His old den fell apart, so this was the first meeting he’s attended with a new den. Our last den was primarily a father-son type setting, and especially since Sam was still riding the high of spending yesterday at the movie (and McDonald’s! A rare treat that mean old …

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