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Dec 31

Race Report: Run Into the New Year 5K (Or “It’s the End of the Year As We Know It”)

Unexpected, this, to place in my age group after a year of basically running longer-longer-longer and pretending that things like speedwork and track time didn’t exist. Of course, it helps when the race gives medals ten places deep in each age group, which is practically unheard of, but still. After no speed training for more …

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Dec 30

Random oddness

RANDOM PUBLIC SERVICE TV AD: “Hi, I’m Tiffany…” GABE: “Where do you live?” ME: “Gabe? Did you just ask that person where they live?” GABE: “Yep.” ME: “Okay. Why?” GABE: “No reason.” ME: “Seriously?” GABE: “It just looked weird. I think they live in Denver.” Sometimes, I just don’t know, and exploring deeper seems like …

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Dec 28

Mid-holiday sag

Between Christmas and New Year’s, here, we’re having a bit of a sag in atmosphere. Oh, sure, the toys are cool, and we’re thrilled to have Eric home to spend time with us, but now Gabe has another ear infection, and Eric’s feeling icky from a sinus something-or-other, and we’re all starting to think about …

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Dec 26

Boxing Day

Low-key sort of day. Goose is in the oven – yes, it should have been for Christmas, but when I started to prep it yesterday, one of the initial instructions said to “scald and dry it,” which involved a 24-hour rest period afterward – and quite a lot of Eric’s prized “schmaltz” has already been …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas

Dec 21

From Gabe

(For the record, Skylanders is in the basement, wrapped and ready to go after he’s in bed Christmas Eve. 😉 )

Dec 20


It started with the schmaltz. Eric was in Germany last week, and a few days into the trip, a coworker traveling with him posted to Facebook a picture of part of the meal they were eating. It was bread, and a bowl of…something. Immediately, there was dubious speculation amongst our friends, made all the more …

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Dec 14

Wiped out

So tired. For some reason, with Eric out of town, I’ve felt compelled this time around to soothe my loneliness by filling All The Minutes with activity. Got a bug up my butt to clean the kitchen, and it sort of snowballed from there. I dunno. Plus, every time I get a “down minute,” my …

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Dec 12

“The Thing that Goes Wrong”

Never fails: Eric goes away, and something goes wrong. The car, or the heat, or a rodent intrusion, or getting locked out of the house my personal favorite, I think). Turns out this time, it looks like rotavirus (or some other stomach bug, but I heard that was the one going around). Sam woke up …

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Dec 11

I miss my husband

And I’ve overcompensated for that, I realize now, by making and decorating cookies with the kids (pre-shaped and frozen ginger cookies, but SHUT UP), making their most recent favorite meal (pork chop sandwiches; I don’t try to understand the fascination), and enjoying perhaps one too many glasses of wine myself tonight. Oh, well. My penance …

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