Monthly Archive: January 2011

Jan 30

What a weekend…

It’s funny; every time I mention to another adult that Sam is having trouble with long division, I immediately get looks ranging from wrinkled nose to outright horror, often accompanied with stories about how long division was their personal bugaboo, too. Around here, when it became apparent that one of us was going to have …

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Jan 27

Busy bees

Okay, everybody’s pretty much better now. Eric did wind up succumbing the next day, but he had the mildest case of all of us, so at least there was that. Gabe was left with some mild PTSD from “the bunk bed incident”; last night, he awoke with a howl, yelling that Sam had puked on …

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Jan 25


Stomach bugs: the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday, I woke up fine, but within an hour, I was down for the count. Fever, big nausea – I didn’t eat much besides dry toast all day, and only a couple slices of that. Mostly, what I did was sleep fitfully on the couch…except for the …

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Jan 22

Ski slope

Well, the good news is that I ran today and survived.  Intervals of one minute running to one walking, for a little less than six miles, but I did it.  Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there. Actually, the downward spiral started last night, when a nasty stomach thing hit – naturally – Gabe, who …

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Jan 20

Too early for this

Signs your “baby” might really have outgrown “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”: MICKEY: “Will you help me find some gooey fish?” GABE: “Well, I’m not sure I want to. I mean, sticky, gooey fish…why would I want to do that?” Sam, meanwhile, is upstairs; having gotten ready for school, he’s now confined to his room to finish …

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Jan 17


It seems as though, when I was able to run, I was apparently really slacking on the core and strength work. Now that I have nothing but time to spend on that, I may have overdone it a wee bit in the past couple of days. My foot is one of the few parts of …

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Jan 14

Good (potential) news!

Got the call back from my doctor (half an hour before I was going to call nag ask…again… 😳 ) about the MRI. No signs of stress fracture! What the scans show is bursitis and capsulitis. She said to take two weeks off; when I asked whether that was counting this week or not, she …

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Jan 13


Well, the X-ray showed “stress changes” in my third and fourth metatarsals, and after scouring and scouring the Internet for information about stress changes that wasn’t buried deep in a medical document, I finally figured out that other doctors were calling them “stress reactions.” Well, that helped. Basically, a precursor to a full-on stress fracture. …

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Jan 11


Just got an automated phone call from the police, informing me of home invasions in my area over the last few weeks. “Please keep your doors locked, don’t open them for anyone you don’t know, and be aware of your surroundings.” Awesome. I get this call as I’m sitting here shivering in a snow-covered house …

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Jan 10


So, you know, I ask you: if your nine-year-old chattered on along the lines of, “We play Super Spies at recess! [Best girlfriend] is a real ninja! I’m Super Sam!” would you take any part of that as reality? How was I supposed to know that the girl hosting the party Sam attended this weekend …

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