Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 26

I, um, did a thing.

Am still so very, very much getting used to it. Be gentle. The story basically goes as thus: I sat in the stylist’s chair, and I said that I had no skills at all at knowing what would look good on me, and all I knew I didn’t want was a medium length that was …

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Feb 25

Completely random

For the record, one of the only things that could have made the BIG TIME FUN DIY Poop Science Experiment even more fun was to involve a bout of massive constipation. The less said, the better. (I can still hear him screaming, “I’M NEVER EATING CHEESE AGAIN! I’m DYING! Goodbye, Mom-meeeeeee!” Hard to console effectively …

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Feb 21

Episodes of BIG FUN

The scene: last night, doing preregistration paperwork for Gabe to see the gastro doctor today. The complication: I needed to have my doctor fax over a written referral paper to the gastro…and it needed to be there a couple of days ago. Whoops. FUN LEVEL RATING: 2/10 The scene: this morning, on the phone with …

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Feb 19

Still an outsider, but maybe not so much

You know, I’ve lived in Wisconsin for about seven years, and it still gives me a momentary feeling of “Buh?!” when I cross the border on my way home and see the big wooden “WISCONSIN” sign. A part of my brain keeps asking, “But what are we doing here?!” Never imagined living in the Midwest, …

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Feb 18

Playing with percents

I do better with a plan. I know that about myself; given too little structure, I tend to either push too hard and burn out, or else I give myself too much freedom and don’t accomplish much. Plans, especially written ones that involve calendars and schedules, keep me accountable in positive ways. Had I not …

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Feb 17

Conversations I feel unqualified to have

I’m reading The Hunger Games right now (late to the party, I’ll grant, but I also do appreciate not having to wait, biting my nails, for authors to finish writing sequels). Last night, I showed the book to Sam, mentioning that it’s a Young Adult novel, and while it might be a little challenging for …

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Feb 15

The way to a woman’s heart

   For Valentine’s Day, I got Eric a carry-on suitcase, since he travels so much for work and his current carry-on bag has a busted zipped. This one rolls and is much nicer. 🙂 He asked me whether I wanted him to get me a gift, and I told him no. This dinner, the one …

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Feb 12

The good news and the hard

The good news: I went to the gym, full of trepidation, this morning, and tried a cautious run on the treadmill. Three miles passed without incident. I think, so long as I’m very careful and listen to my body (and stick to a treadmill until I can run for a good, long stretch without any …

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Feb 11

Just keep swimming…

Yesterday, I got to a bad, bad place. Freaking groin pull. I didn’t change out of PJs for most of the day, just wallowing in my sadness about not running. Pathetic, I realize. I haven’t even been cross-training, because I could occasionally feel a twinge in the groin muscle just from walking, and I didn’t …

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Feb 09


Almost forgot. 🙂 He’s getting older so there are fewer malapropisms from him on a regular basis; more often, we get simple misunderstandings and unique ways of viewing the world. The other night at Scouts, the kids were discussing first aid and emergencies, and they got to fire-related issues. “If somebody has been burned,” the …

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